March 22, 2012

Banner made by Rotanese to greet Governor Fitial
I do not understand why the governor of the CNMI cannot just make a sincere apology (without the   "but") to the people of Rota and Tinian. Of course, they were insulted because he called them "stupid". When the governor visits the island of Rota today he will be greeted by the above banner.

It would be advisable for Fitial make nice with all insulted parties.  As the banner points out, the bully-governor is the head to the Republican Party and the election is months away. Who will support any Republican candidates when the leader is an obnoxious bully?

The Senate passed a resolution by a 7-0 vote calling for the governor to apologize to the people of Rota and Tinian for calling them "stupid". The Marianas Variety reported that Resolution 17-84 stated:
“The governor shall not, at any given time and as the father of the NMI, be acting on his emotion making such vulgar language directed to other elected officials in the CNMI."
Fitial attacked the resolution calling it "ridiculous"and a waste of time. He said, “If only they acted this quickly on critical bills that would enhance our revenues, I’m sure families across the CNMI would not be suffering as much.”

This coming from a governor who has caused suffering by wasting millions on attorneys, special consultants, travel, lawsuits against the U.S. Government and other unneeded expenses.

The senators do not seem to care who else the governor insults as long as it isn't them. The resolution states that the governor should not be using vulgar language directed at "elected officials".  So do they think it is okay for the governor who holds the highest office in the commonwealth to direct "vulgar" language at those who are not elected officials?  And since when is the word "stupid" vulgar?  Insulting, sure; but vulgar, certainly not!

The Marianas Variety quoted Fitial:
According to Fitial, “Yes, as governor, I am considered the father of the CNMI. And I stand by what I said about those senators because just as I am the father of the CNMI, I am disheartened that six people are ruining the lives of my people.”

Fitial said the casino is not just about improving Saipan. He said he supported the measure because it would have given much needed revenue to Tinian and Rota as well.

He said he was “appalled” when the Senate killed the casino bill because as the “father of the CNMI,” he cannot believe that all his people are suffering “at the behest of six senators.”

“The people of the CNMI have suffered for a long time. It’s time that those senators use their voting advantage to make people’s lives better. They should think of the people first, and then they can think about their subsistence allowance,” Fitial said.
So he's not the dictator? He's the father? That is scary.

It is doubtful that the governor will ever properly apologize. It is also unlikely that the Senators of Tinian and Rota are ever going to support Fitial and Tenorio's casino bill. Twice the people rejected casinos on Saipan. Such a shame that the leaders cannot move on to address the crisis at CHC, PSS, CUC, the Retirement Fund and on and on.


Anonymous said...

delicious???romantic??? not stupid????? OMG they sound stupid from this sign!

Anonymous said...

8:54pm, I would not go as far as saying that they are stupid, but the person who "concocted' that sign shows the lack of education. I wonder why the Mayor or someone else did not check this before it was sent to be made. Also why they are using this sign.
But then again this is a perfect example of the illiteracy among our elected.
But again this sign fits this clown of a Gov.as far as literacy is concerned. It is some words that maybe this Gov. may understand without a translation. LOL

Wendy Doromal said...

I know a lot of people from Rota, and like any place some are more intelligent than others, but I would never call the population of Rota (or Tinian) "stupid". Some of the nicest (and smartest) people I have ever met are from Rota.

Maybe this is not about the comment that the governor made. Maybe people want an excuse to say that they are fed up with the "father" (that father thing is seriously creepy) and want to be out from under his rule.