Sketch of Rapist Released

March 5, 2012

Over a month after a club worker was brutally raped in Garapan the DPS released this sketch of the rapist.  The drawing was composed with the help of the victim and witnesses.

The CNMI Department of Public Safety is asking anyone who can identify the suspect or who has information regarding the case to call 911, 664-9001, or the Crime Stoppers hotline 234-7272.


TAGLISH said...

A month is way too long for this sketch! Is this the best that they could do so far? A heinous crime, and this is only what DPS can do. Shame on you, governor! Third world countries are far better off than you guys!!! HAHAHAHA!!!I
And the man behind this crime is probably laughing out loud too!

Believe me, Ms Wendy. this crime will just add to the long list of unsolved crimes here.

Anonymous said...

Just wandering, the Police could start from the golden yellow Hyundai get away car! How many of that car in Saipan? The car seems easier to find, if you dig on the records, than look for that composite face. Duh?????????????

Anonymous said...

I suggest for the investigator to start looking at the golden yellow hyundai get away car. How many cars like that are here in Saipan?
Dig on the Motor registration records! Jeeez. The car is easier to spot than that of the composite sketch.

Anonymous said...

Police officers don't work hard here. Even the officer in the road spotting over speeding cars by camera is even taking more time talking to his cellphone, I noticed this every time I pass thru him at Beach Rd Ch Laulau. Officer! don't waste your working time using your personal time,I know because you are keep on laughing while you're on your cellphone. Obviously not a business call.