March 29, 2012

Governor Benigno Fitial made an non-apology apology for calling the people of Rota and Tinian "stupid".  Last week on KSPN he said the people of Rota and Tinian were stupid after the Senators from those island killed the House bill that would have allowed Saipan casinos.

The voters had already defeated the casino idea two times and casinos on Rota and Tinian are failing, but the governor insists that passing the casino bill would solve all of the problems of the CNMI.

Fitial threatened to yank money from the senators for killing his pet casino bill. He called them "stupid" and said, "They're gonna suffer for it because of what they did.  The governor added:
“Like I told you, politics is the root of all our economic and social problems in the Commonwealth. And we got to get rid of these politicians who only care for themselves. They are very up to date in requesting for their subsistence allowance, in advancing for their subsistence allowance. They don't give a damn about the livelihood of their own people,” Fitial said.

Fitial calling the people of Rota and Tinian, "stupid"on KSPN

If you watch his "apology" on KSPN, it is clear that he isn't actually apologizing. He is only saying that he is sorry that the people did not hear what he says he meant to say.  He said:
"I am very sorry if a lot of people misunderstood or misconstrued the statement I made. . . uh when I learned that the casino legislation was defeated or killed, that statement I made only makes reference to those senators who killed that particular legislation. It was never intended to include anybody outside of the Senate when they took that action to kill the casino legislation. So uh, those people in Tinian and Rota who uh have probably misunderstood, uh, the meaning of my statement, I apologize, but it was never intended you know for any of them except those senators from Tinian and Rota who defeated that legislation."
In responding further to questions from a KSPN anchor who stated that the senators were stating that the governor was disrespectful in calling the senators "stupid", Fitial further stated:
"I am very respectful you know when I see elected officials are you know respectful to their constituents, you know, but they fully know that the economy is very bad and they fully know that the people are suffering that's the respect I expect from them you know to act responsibly. I said that the senators that killed the casino legislation are stupid because they would bring in CUC and scold CUC why is it gonna disconnect PSS and they know for a fact why CUC disconnected PSS and CHC, 'cause there was no money. And then the very first thing they did was kill legislation that would help bring in new money so that's irresponsible and that's even worse than being disrespectful."
That is the kind of apology the playground bully makes when caught and the teacher tells him to apologize or he'll never get to play on the playground again.

Any apology that has a "but" in it  cannot be considered a sincere apology. What the governor is really saying is, "I apologize, but they made me do it."

I would guess that the only reason that the governor made his non-apology apology was that  the members of the Republican Party asked the governor to apologize. Fitial is the leader of that party and with his never ending missteps, insulting statements, and irresponsible actions, it is not likely that party will be too popular in the upcoming election.

If I were a betting person, I would bet that both Fitial and Tenorio made deals with some foreign investors (look at both of their trip schedules over the last two years) and stand to lose some serious kickbacks if the casinos are pushed through.


Anonymous said...

I would say they both will not get kickbacks if the casino bill is not approved.