Attorney General: Police Commissioner Did Not Violate Any Law

April 23, 2012

DPS Commissioner Ramon C. Mafnas has been on leave while the Office of the Attorney General investigated claims of harassment, death threats and assaults on foreign workers; interfering in the murder investigation of Emie Romero; and illegal seizures of foreign workers' drivers licenses.

After a 25-day investigation the Attorney General determined that the commissioner did not violate any law according to the Marianas Variety. However, the Variety stated that the report said that "Mafnas committed inappropriate actions relating to investigative standards and operating issues."

In my world threatening to kill a person is a violation of the law.

Attorney General Edward T. Buckingham, Chief Prosecutor Peter B. Prestley and AGO Chief Investigator Vicente Babauta signed the report.

In March 139 DPS employees, or over 80% of the force, signed a petition for the commissioner's removal. They cited "bad attitude and abusive behavior." The commissioner threatened and bullied not just community members, but employees according to witnesses.

I guess it is okay to threaten to arrest and shoot innocent people at a tourist spot? It is lawful to threaten innocent people? It is not illegal to improperly seize drivers' licenses?

Certainly few expected that one of the governor's long-time confidants and closest pals would be terminated, but justice dictates that a lawbreaker be held accountable. Some suspect that Mafnas has performed some of his bullying and threats under the direction of the governor; some say he has so much "dirt" on the governor that he will remain secure in his job (or in another government job) and free to break any law as long as he keeps his mouth shut.

The facts will be revealed when the report is released.

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Anonymous said...

If I threaten to kill a person, I go to jail. If the Police commissioner threatens it's okay. Feel safe? Where is the feds?

The Saipan Blogger said...

You'll be fine as long as you phrase your threat in the form of a question.

"Would you like me to kill you?"

The Saipan Blogger said...

It is lame that the guys who are supposed to do the prosecuting spend most of their time acting as defense attorneys.

Anonymous said...

I knew this was going happen, in case no one knows, it was Mafnas that initiate the move for Mr. Vince Babauta to be transfered to AG office. Im upset but we just have to live with it. Lets now challenge the GOV to release the OPA report against Buckingham.
DO you believe the GOV will release the report against Mafnas if they find some law being violated?