CNMI and Guam Highlighted in G$A Scandal

April 18, 2012

The General Services Administration is under fire for wasting tax payers' money on luxurious conferences and lavish trips. Initially, the $826,000 October 2010 Region 9 Conference held in Nevada caught the eyes of investigators. The Washington Post reported that taxpayers paid for "a mind reader, bicycles for a team-building exercise, lavish food spreads and several private parties."

At a House oversight hearing held yesterday Region 9 Commissioner Jeff Neely invoked his Fifth Amendment rights.

Despite the scandal, GSA Regional Commissioner Jeffry Neely gave his wife a Lavish birthday gift in February 2012 –a 17-day trip to Hawaii, Guam and Saipan. The trip is making headlines in national pages including The Washington Post, The Hill, and The LA Times. The Post reported:
The Neelys discussed the itinerary for the Pacific islands trip: “So we head to Hawaii. I’ll probably go over on Saturday Feb 4. I will work in Honolulu on Monday Feb 5. Head to Guam on Tues. Wednesday in Guam. Thursday in Saipan. Friday Feb 10 leave Saipan. That gives us a couple of days each on Guam and Saipan,” Jeffrey Neely wrote to his wife in an e-mail that was read at Tuesday’s hearing.

It was unclear whether the GSA paid Deborah Neely’s travel expenses for that trip.
Neely's daughter posted photos of the trip that she called a "family vacation" on her Facebook page. Does this remind you of photos of CNMI Governor Ben Fitials lavish trips being posted? Those pesky social media sites.

The Washington Examiner posted a timeline of Neely's exorbitant spending spree that includes the Hawaii-Guam-Saipan junket.

After the CNRA passed the GSA was responsible for locating a building for DHS. They selected the offices within a newly built Tan-owned office building. Somewhat ironic.

So the big question now is what were the Neelys doing in Guam and on Saipan. Vacationing or business? If business, what was it? We will soon find out. Criminal charges were recommended by the House Committee.


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It was front page news on one of the Washington papers today.