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April 3, 2012

How long does it take for the FBI lab to verify DNA and other evidence? Godfather's bartender Emerita (Emie) Romero was murdered on February 5, 2012 and 2 months later no arrest has been made while laboratory results from the crime scene are processed.

It was reported in late February that a person of interest had been identified. The Pacific News Center reported that "an ex-con" ice dealer had been identified as a suspect.

An unusual story in the Marianas Variety on April 2, 2012 quoted a "source" as saying that her murderer was an "ice" dealer looking for sex. The source said that Emie got in the wrong car.

From the Variety:
Investigators believe that Romero thought the slow moving vehicle near her residence was the taxi she was expecting at that time. 
The driver of the car, for his part, thought Romero was flagging him down, a source said.

“The area is known for pick-up girls,” a source added, referring to the corner of Chichirica Ave. and Kadena Di Amor St., where Romero was last seen getting into a green or blue sedan.

The driver was known to offer “ice” in exchange for sex services, the source said.
It seems that two months is a long time to analyze forensic evidence.

Also, unsolved is the brutal rape of a foreign club worker that took place in Garapan a week before Emie's murder, but was not reported until after her lifeless body was found.

Fitial Thinks He is Jesus?

It gets creepier by the day. A week ago Fitial called himself "the Father of the CNMI." Creepy. Today it was reported that Governor Fitial wrote a letter to Senator Paul Manglona telling him, "Come back to Jesus so we can start working for the people." Creepier still.

A more appropriate invitation would have read, "Come play with the devil."

When did Fitial ever "work for the people"?

Governor Fitial has spent the last couple weeks punishing Senate President Manglona and others who don't back his casino plan or refuse to play political musical chairs jumping from party to party to follow the governor. Fitial has fired cabinet members; his puppet AG fired an ethical Assistant Attorney General, Michael Ernest; and Fitial's CPA Executive Director fired Rota CPA Director Thomas Manglona, Senator Paul's brother.  Who knew vindictiveness could earn someone a halo.

Some people do not think that Fitial is Jesus or the "Father of the CNMI":


Anonymous said...

Two months is not an unusually or unreasonable amount of time. First, the samples get a greater amount of security and process because they are to be used in a criminal prosecution. Second, there are no local labs so the sample must be sent off-island. Where is a factor because that lab likely has other samples in front of this one that likely are for local law enforcement cases and higher volume agencies. Third, if CNMI must pay for the sampling, certain labs may require up front payments otherwise they'll never see a penny of what is owed. How long does it take for a sample to get back to small states like Rhode Island or North Dakota?