Plea for Justice

April 16, 2012

As the murder of Emie Romero approaches the 3 month mark without an arrest, her daughters called for justice. The daughters, Erica and Francene, wrote a letter to thank the people who searched for their mother, her bosses, co-workers, friends and the law enforcement officials who are working on the case.

The letter said:
"Let's find justice for her. A woman like her doesn't deserve to be treated like that. Let's help each other to arrest that criminal who killed our mom."
Rumor has it that the murderer is a violent career criminal with a list of arrests that goes back decades. I checked out the record of the alleged killer and found that he had been arrested for a very lengthy list of crimes since 1996. Some of the crimes were violent, others were for possession of "ice". In fact, the alleged killer is already behind bars for another violation.

If it is true that this rumored person is finally identified as the murderer, one has to wonder if Emie would be alive today if this guy had not been handed down lenient sentences and allowed to be released to commit crimes over and over and over.

Apparently, it takes weeks, even months, for forensic evidence to be processed. The evidence was sent to an FBI lab in Virginia months ago.

Meanwhile Governor Fitial reportedly has been updated on the investigation into improprieties of former Commissioner of DPS. No news on the update has been released. Mafnas was accused of interfering in the Romero murder investigation, as well as threatening citizens and illegally taking their drivers' licenses.

Below is the letter from Emie's daughters:


Anonymous said...

arrest Mafnas