ICS-CHC Broken Deal Hits Idaho News

May 11, 2012

Local News 8 in Bingham County, Idaho broadcast a segment on the broken CHC and ICS deal. The anchor reported that AG Buckingham said that the contract was illegal and there would be no deal and no contract signed.

From the broadcast:
In an interview on May 1, Kraml said his only motive was to help.

Since then, doctors at the Saipan hospital have threatened to resign if no deal was made.

That's exactly what's happened. But, Buckingham said the failed deal is because Kraml and Cochran didn't provide the documents they had promised.

"The only item I received was a drawing, which was, as we learned later, was something you could get off the Internet, in terms of a flow chart," said Buckingham by phone Wednesday afternoon. "We did not receive information regarding startup costs alleged to have occurred. We did not receive other information we requested in terms of how work would be divided between ICS and the Commonwealth Healthcare Corp."

Kraml and Cochran did not return our calls.
The story revealed that Cochran lied to the AG about the start up costs saying that ICS had received $10,000, but documents showed up proving that the amount ICS actually received was about $37,000.

From the news report:
"Buckingham said negotiations will not resume, and the CNMI is moving forward. He said he plans to review what money was paid to ICS without a contract, to see what, if any, legal action might be appropriate."
Some comments posted under the story show sympathy with the people of Saipan:
  • susan: i do feel bad for the people of the Northern Mariana Islands, i hope the doctors will reconsider. there are plenty of reputable organizations that could help them. this has already cost the hospital lots of $$$ with no return.. maybe ICS will give back the money from the vacation they had.
  • TK101: And, we are warned to be very wary of any offers, ESPECIALLY those from overseas. Sounds like good advice for "Commonwealth Healthcare Corp." and everyone else in the Northern Mariana Islands area. ESPECIALLY if the offer(s) are from Blackfoot/Bingham County, ID. $37K is not petty cash, and from what info I have been able to find, other than talk and some 'electronic paper shuffling', nothing substantial was ever done for the amount of $$$, which Kraml and Cochran allegedly received. And again who suffers? THE PATIENTS, since the Doctors over there have now resigned.


Anonymous said...

Good riddance.