Rabby Syed to Expand Arrow Security to CNMI and Guam

May 10, 2012

Rabby Syed, Photo by W. L. Doromal ©2011
Congratulations to our friend, Rabby Syed for his new partnership with the Long Island, New York's Arrow Security Company! Rabby will oversee the CNMI and Guam operations of the security company. Rabby is the president of 3S Saipan Security Company and also the president of the United Workers Movement, NMI.

In 1998 I can remember interviewing dozens of Bangladeshi foreign workers who were scammed by CNMI security companies. Many were illegally recruited and then cheated of thousands of dollars. The locally run companies took advantage of the foreign workers then declared bankruptcy to flee from their obligations to the hundreds of men who had stolen wages and benefits.

Some of the workers’ stories were quite shocking. In 1998 I interviewed one security guard that was beaten by the company’s accountant after he asked for his overdue pay. I videotaped his story and it still gives me chills to watch him speak. Most of the cheated security guards never received the pay that they were owed. Some returned to their homelands while others stayed and are working now for reputable companies.

In November 1998 one of the worst labor abusers, Antonio Benavente, owner of Benavente Security Agency, Island Protection Service and PAC Asia Enterprises was arrested on 162 counts of criminal charges for abusing contract workers. He was charged with was charged with 89 counts of failure to pay wages, 29 counts of failure to pay minimum wages, and 15 counts of illegal charging of fees for application and renewal, 20 counts of employment of illegal foreign workers, 3 counts of illegal deduction from workers, 5 counts of failure to pay medical expenses and 3 counts of attempted illegal charging of fees for application and renewals. He owed (and still owes) the cheated workers $596,012.56. Despite the overwhelming evidence, the crook pleaded not guilty in court. Benavente and his wife, Josephine, filed for bankruptcy in December 1998 to avoid paying their debt to the cheated workers.

Other security companies in the CNMI who stole wages and benefits from Bangladeshi foreign workers and have never repaid them include: Island Security Services Inc.; Commonwealth Security Services Inc., and George C. Dunes; Vicente T. Attao and Frances B. Attao dba Famco Security Services; Augustine R. Ayuyu dba CNMI Security Service; Antonio Reyes dba Business Protection Services; Luis Kapileo dba Kapileo Protection Services; Joseph M. Borja dba Borja Security Services; Aida S. Attao and Julie Attao dba Bangel Security Agency; Antonio P. Mareham dba AMCO Security Agency; and Nelia S. Madlmeduh dba Mayon Enterprises.

One has to question why assets were not seized from all the above criminals so that they could be sold to repay the cheated foreign workers.

Perhaps Rabby’s good fortune is karma. I am sure that Rabby can offer good positions to the many skilled Bangladeshi security guards and foreign workers. He will undoubtedly train some locals to fill positions also. After all, many jobs will be created by this new enterprise, as Arrow security offers alarm systems and other related security services.

Arrow Security executives were quoted by The Marianas Variety:
According to Arrow Security senior vice president of operation Dan Bowe, they were “approached by a vast number of people with a variety of experience. and to date, Mr. Syed has been the most impressive candidate I’ve had the pleasure to come across.” 
In an email to Variety, he said Syed did his homework when it comes to researching the market and its needs.

AJ Caro, president and owner of Arrow Security, said they were very excited about expanding into the CNMI.

“After careful research we decided that 3S Saipan Security and Mr. Syed were the way to merge and grow into the region,” Caro said.
Congratulations Rabby and we wish you much success on your new business!


Anonymous said...

Rabby needs to know that US Citizens, if available, MUST be hired first. This is not Dhaka. The US Immigration officials will be watching these companies closely. That means you Rabby.

Wendy Doromal said...

7:37 What a rude and snarky comment. You are not happy that Rabby has brought such a great company to the CNMI? I am sorry I cannot write what I really would like to say to you, so let me just say this - Do you think Rabby is ignorant? Rabby owns a security company and his employees will most likely work for Arrow. Rabby is not just on top of the USCIS regulations as an employer, but as an advocate for workers. You should criticize and worry about the cheating companies like Tinian Dynasty who owe hundreds of foreign workers wages that they stole. Criticize and worry about CHC who ripped off nurses and other personnel. Worry about The Rota Hotel, the cheating water company and other crappy businesses that steal wages and cheat workers of contracted benefits. Why don't you tell USCIS to WATCH THOSE COMPANIES?

The Saipan Blogger said...

Congrats, Rabby.

Anonymous said...

7:37 anon,

Yes, you are right, this is not DHAKA, but this is SAIPAN, the nice island that is becoming a circus town because of people running the government and having people like YOU. While I agree that the US citizen must be hired first, I would like to remind you what usually happens or what had happened after hiring them. Most, if not all stopped working and became lazy especially after the payday. Aside from displacing a good worker, if affects the companies services to its clients and customers because of its undependable "US" workers.

And I am also pointing out how threatening you sound when you wrote "that means you". What do you mean "these" companies means you? WTF, do you mean all the companies belong to SYED? Wow, I didn't know that Mr. Syed is a millionaire. Sounds stupid? Well, I'm just giving you a dose of your own medicine..

Anonymous said...

US citizens must be hired if they are qualified and apply. There will be concerned with the ability of a company to provide security if there are no criminal background checks. Foreign nationals most likely will have issues getting any kind of security clearances and like it or not will be viewed as security threats based on allegance to a foreign power. These are facts of life. A company that is solely comprised of employees of one ethnic background will be scrutinized under unfair hiring practices, again a fact of life......

Anonymous said...

6:32 Don't know what you and the first commenter are implying. Rabby has no history of violating any labor law. This is an article about SUCCESS. About BRINGING BUSINESS TO THE CNMI AND GUAM. ABOUT A GREAT BUSINESSMAN.


Anonymous said...

i am just LOL of these people, 7:37 and a like;their economy, gov't, retirement fund and most of all their only hospital and still have the guts to say anything negative about foreigners either fortunate, productive or not. It makes me wonder why there are still humans exist like them? wake up US Fed will not gonna bail you out with all your problems especially those negative comments about the Medical City in the MV news... how sad this is still happening in the 21st century - Merberlin

Anonymous said...

no fighting each other the only thing i can say under federal law need to changes dismantle all business consfiracy using businees licence of us citicen only for $50.00 and hire people for cw-1. if you make businees you need to bond $100.000 to aviod labor abuse not water capital.

Anonymous said...

above anon

Your English isn't perfect but you are spot on. Any foreign businesses that want to set up shop in the CNMI need at least a 250k bond. No more marrying US Citizens or partnering with US Citizens to get away from that. 90% of the Bangladeshi taxi drivers married in order to get a green card and dodge the investment minimum. Scam marriages are rife.

Anonymous said...

lot's fraud marriages in the cnmi. some chinese lady just got convicted for filing fraud USCIS paperwork. hundreds more to come i suspect from all nationalities to include those US citizens who married foriegners. US immigration agents are and will be very busy with scams and fraud for the next few years.......

Capt said...

Although I am not always agreeable to what Mr. Sayad does or the way he does it, he has the right to do it.
In this instance it just an example of how, many,from many parts of the world that come to US territories and US mainland have the fortitude and drive to strive for success when given the chance.
That is exactly how the US was built, from nationalities from around the world.
When these old families that control this "broken" island come to fully realize this, then maybe we can move on to prosperity.
An example is Hawaii from before in the early days of the plantations and what evolved from there to the many business there today with the many diversified ethnic backgrounds.
And My Sayed has a "Green Card" which opens many doors that are available to all in the NMI that holds a Blue Passport.

Anonymous said...

BTWE, there are so many small stores that have "sponsorship" from many of our elected and "connected" families.
This is not "married" into.
No "illegal marriage schemes involved.
This has been going on for so many years.
The DOLI and then DOL personnel were the biggest "illegal sponsors" along many of the Govt Agency heads also with many of the Immigration people involved.
The same went on for many of the "Bonding Companies" Many were owned by Politicians and "Connected" and only money was collected with a paper given that was worthless when the time came.

Many bonds were not even written or submitted to many of the workers that were actually petitioned under a work contract by "connected" and then not paid by these many people.

Anonymous said...

Please check some OFWs from Coral Ocean Point that were released by Vincent Torres and would like to go home to their home country. However, Torres/COP do not have the money to buy them plane tickets. Now these workers will become wonderer in Saipan. USCIS and the USDOL should investigate this matter.

Wendy Doromal said...

Anonymous 1:30 The workers should go to the federal ombudsman, or get an attorney to file a lawsuit. He is legally responsible to repatriate them/ Does Vincent Torres have a home, a car or other assets? Let him sell them and buy them tickets.

Anonymous said...

wow,,,the hard and honestly behind you,,,,,you climb from dhaka to saipan then usa...such a great work,,apni tamara bhalo bhasi in your word....keep it up.gudluck