Message For Foreign Workers

June 6, 2012

Thank you to the foreign workers who have updated me on their situation or sent messages for me to bring to Washington, DC.  I will be leaving for Washington, DC in two days. There is still time to send a personal message or concern that you would like hand-delivered. ( I will also be hand-delivering a message from me and the United Workers Movement, NMI that will be published here later.


Anonymous said...

Wendy,you will always be the best person to represent every alien workers here in the CNMI, rest are nothingness. they can't do anything that's all. If you can't do anything therefore these so called leaders here can't do more.

Anonymous said...

godbless you mam i hope they will hear our live crying soul by you.
thank you for helping innocent cnmi alien workers.we have nothing did wrong with them.we are helped cnmi economy/community from such a long decades.we lost our home/life back in our place by dreaming/loving to be an american life.i belive nation by good people and good laws and humanity.
my last word to say godbless usa.
please listen us.we loosing our life by your dream/love. its not joke to stay here for 5 or more years without any hope.we stay here on usa takeover hope.i hope mr.fitial will come up to help us.i heard about him that he is such a great person but he is also politician.well i respect him.whatever his dicision as a politician...pls governor do something we have also family/dream/hope/life.plssssssssss

Wendy Doromal said...

8:44 Thank you for your vote of confidence, but truly the "best person" to represent the foreign workers is the foreign workers. Rise up!

2:21 Thank you. I am giving it my all...