SCOTUS Rules on Health Care Law: ENTIRE LAW UPHELD

June 28, 2012

In what is being called an enormous victory for President Obama and the Democrats, the Supreme Court upheld in full the constitutionality of the controversial health care law, The Affordable Care Act. The 5-4 majority opinion declared that "Obama Care" is constitutional.

The individual mandate that requires all Americans to buy health insurance or pay a fine was upheld as constitutional "as a tax". (The Urban Institute states that only about 6% of all Americans would be required to buy health insurance since the majority of Americans have coverage or get it through Medicare.)

Chief Justice John Roberts joined the more liberal justices acting as the decider in the 5 to 4 decision. Roberts delivered the majority opinion for Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Stephen Breyer, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan. Justice Anthony Kennedy delivered the dissent opinion on behalf of Justices Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas and Samuel A. Alito Jr.

Read the opinion:


Anonymous said...

Medicare will be slashed by five hundred billion. Since this is a tax, even when Barack Obama said is wasn't and everyone MUST get insurance then this should extend to the millions of unemployed illegal aliens who clamor to get free care in ERs across the country. That's right time to pay up no more free ride. No more free babies either.

Wendy Doromal said...

5:52 Your facts are wrong. No "illegal aliens" are not eligible to get insurance. Please read up on the facts! I just listened to an entire 2 hour NPR segment detailing what is and what isn't true concerning this law. Too bad you didn't!

Anonymous said...

It wasn't quite the "entire" law. States declining to join enhanced medicaid can only have increased funding blocked, not their entire funding level pursuant to a law on the books since 1965.

I listen to NPR, too!

Anonymous said...

Here's a good article:

I also read the entire law was deemed constitutional.

Anonymous said...

Why is Romney protesting the law? He put a similar law into effect in Massachusetts when he was governor and it became the model for Obamacare. What a political dimwit. He can't deny that! What's he gonna say that it's okay for his state but not for the nation? Can't wait to see the old footage of him pushing that Mass healthcare law dug up for campaign ads!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

And this Gov. Fitial is requesting approval to cut many Medicaid services to cut back about $1mil that the NMI Govt has to pay in matching funds, WHILE requesting for an increase from the feds.

The biggest problem with this Obamacare is that regardless of the monies received from Obama care and medicaid, this Govt. can't meet it's matching funds.
So this whole package is doing nothing for the NMI.
I have been fighting terminal Cancer for almost two years now.
I have won one part on my own little money with my trips to the Phil.and it has been in remission.
But I have cancer that came out in another area and that fight is on my own without help from the Obamacare or medicaid because of this NMI govt.
So what is the solution. All of my money is gone and only my VA and SS are there.

Wendy Doromal said...

7:38 I am sorry about your health and hope that you recover soon.

Odd, because I have been listening to segments on NPR and they explain that Obamacare expanded Medicaid coverage. Also, here is an article, and another article that explains how much states actually save under this legislation.

I am pretty certain that the match is very low for the CNMI compared to what is paid by the federal government. It seems that your governor does not prioritize the people's health or budget properly? Also some rogue Republican governors are refusing to accept the Medicaid money to "take a stand" against the bill. (Or to put their people's health at risk to play political games.) Is Fitial one of them? The CNMI AG signed on with some of the same game playing Republican governors who supported Arizona's anti-immigration law. Check out this Article also.

You do not say if you are in a position to leave the CNMI, but if you are with your illness I hope that you do. There is much better medical care in the states or the Philippines.

Anonymous said...

8:26 Yes Wendy I have been going to the Phil. on my own money and have gotten very good treatments at a very low price compared to other areas.)
My treatments were strung out as they had to be coincided with my monthly checks from the SS and the VA.
I am fortunate as I have already set up there and also have children being schooled there.A much higher standard of education in the private schools and colleges.(besides the costs

BTW I was just reading on Newsmax that your Gov.Rick Scott will not implement Medicaid expansion of Obamacare .

He explains: “First off, if you look at a government program [elsewhere] in the world, it promises it’s going to cover everything, then immediately runs out of money and starts rationing care by underpaying providers, hospitals, doctors, and so then you don’t have access to care. That’s exactly what Obamacare will do.

Read more on Gov. Rick Scott: Florida Won't Implement Medicaid Expansion of Obamacare

There is a lot of explanation by the Florida Gov. but us in the NMI don't have any options as the gov. is a total failure along with the rest of the elected and the Govt is broke and unable to pay it's matching amounts as you are well aware of.
You might go to that site and read what the Fla Gov says and get your own opinion and maybe let us know what you think.
I don't know if the NMI Gov and his cronies have any idea of their options or if it would make any difference anyway as they only care for themselves and what they can get.
Have a good July 4th.

Wendy Doromal said...


Ugh, Rick Scott is the worst governor ever -probably anywhere! He has the Republican spin minus the facts. I cannot stand him especially since he cut teachers' salaries.

Take care and I hope you enjoyed your holiday. Had a fun family picnic here inside because it was almost 100 outside!

Pam Brown said...

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Anonymous said...

Justice Roberts should be called out for his pretzel logic of an opinion. How could he find the Commerce clause basis unconstitutional while declaring the law valid under the taxing authority of the US Congress? Has he got no idea what he just did to the legislative counsels for every bi-cameral legislative body across the nation and territories? By declaring it a penalty or fine a tax, under US and state/territorial consititions with bi-cameral legislatures, all laws imposing fines/penalties must now originate in the house. For example, a senatorial body could not orignate a bill that imposing a criminal fine for trafficking or rape or even a DUI since any fine imposed as a penalty for such a crime would have to originate in the house of representatives under Roberts' contorted logic. Further, by declaring it constitutional under Congressional taxing authority, Roberts just made it repealable through what is called the reconcilation process which requires only 51 votes in the Senate as opposed to the new norm of 60 votes for anything in the Senate. He did supporters of affordable health care no favors with this opinion.