Jack Abramoff's Radio Show

July 12, 2012

If you are looking for some advice on how to institute political reform, you can tune in to Jack Abramoff's new Washington-based Premiere Networks Clear Channel radio show. "The Jack Abramoff Show" airs Sunday from 5:00 to 8:00 pm.

Actually the show will offer his "take on news and views of the week" from a former lobbyist and felon's perspective. Premiere Networks quoted the radio show host:
"I may very well be the nation's most controversial radio host because, unlike others, I was actually involved in the things we talk about on the show," stated Abramoff. "Radio gives me an opportunity to share secrets I couldn't include in my book, and reveal some of the underbelly of politics other hosts can only imagine. The show is informative and, at times, emotional, passionate and downright outrageous."
One recent interview of Jack Abramoff that I found interesting was written by former CNMI attorney and current writer Arin Greenwood. Read it here at The Huffington Post!


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't give this sleazebag the time of day thank you.

Anonymous said...

he play with innocent people who deserve USA dream,,shame on him....

Anonymous said...

"he play with innocent people who deserve USA dream,,shame on him...."

He give job many happy Chinese. Now Chinese go to China no job big problem.

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Anonymous said...

anon 7;37am.
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