Former AG is a Fugitive

August 22, 2012

George Hasselback, the attorney for the Office of the Public Auditor said that former AG Buckingham is a fugitive from justice. In a court hearing yesterday before Associate Judge David Wiseman, Hasselback stated that Buckingham "lacks standing to move to quash the bench warrant because he failed to recognize the court's jurisdiction."

Former CNMI Attorney General Edward Buckingham fled the CNMI even though the FBI served him with a penal summons ordering him to court to face 5 criminal charges related to campaign violations and a questionable ARRA contract.

Before he fled on August 4, 2012, the former attorney general claimed he was resigning to "spend time with his family".

For 15 hours after he learned of the summons, Buckingham surrounded himself with on-duty public law enforcement personnel in a failed attempt to avoid being served the summons. Two additional charges, including obstruction of justice were added to the 5 previous charges.

After the warrant was issued for his arrest, Buckingham changed his public statement. He now claims that he left the CNMI for "medical reasons".  His attorney Michael Evangelista submitted 80 pages of medical records to the court in an attempt to quash the $50,000 bench warrant.

Good luck! If the judge accepts this excuse from an attorney who was the highest law enforcement official in the CNMI then any criminal could skip out on a court date and then later come up with any number of excuses to try to defend the violation. How could a justice system function like that?

The law enforcement personnel that were involved with obstructing justice should be fired and criminally charged. What is happening with that investigation? It seems to be buried under the latest CUC-Fitial-Buckingham scandal.

The former Attorney General needs to man up and get back to the CNMI to face the criminal charges that were filed against him!


Anonymous said...

I don't think anybody expects Buckingham to ever return unless it with another "honor guard" (Fed) and he is is in handcuffs.

There might be a possibility if Fitial gets impeached but highly unlikely as Inos would become Gov.