Governor on a Personal Mission

August 29, 2012

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus poses with Governor Fitial, who faces
impeachment charges in the CNMI and
his Press Secretary Angel Demapan.
One of the last stops of the governor's three-week junket is the Republican National Convention. (A Labor Day celebration and vote-getting event in Idaho is his last stop.)

This governor left the CNMI at a time of desperate crisis. The healthcare system is on life support, the Retirement Fund is collapsing, vital CNMI services face having their electricity cut because the CNMI owes over $9 million to the CUC, and on and on.

When the governor returns to the CNMI, he will be forced to respond to allegations that he ordered on-duty police officers to obstruct justice at the airport by aiding the former AG to avoid being served with a penal summons. He will be forced to answer for the backdoor CUC-Alliance-Keystone power plant deal. Of course, he also will face impeachment charges.

Never one to acknowledge or apologize for his corrupt and outlandish acts, it is doubtful that this arrogant man will even grasp the consequences of all of his ill deeds until he is behind bars.

Fitial and the other members of the CNMI delegation to the Republican National Convention are staying at a pricey hotel, the TradeWinds Island Resort in St. Petersburg. It is one of the most costly hotels on Florida's West Coast.  The hotel is known for its restaurant featuring the favorite meal of these junket-takers, steak and lobster.

The CNMI delegation is seated in the front of the convention center with delegations from the other terrirotries. It was reported that this was done so that the GOP could show their "diversity".

In the presentation of colors each delegation is introduced and makes a one sentence statement that defines the state or territory. The CNMI delegation stated, "We are strong believers in God."

A blogger who rated each messages gave the CNMI an "F" and commented,
"Great. Um, like, the Earth God? Because honestly we’ve never heard of your “country” or whatever. Grade: F"
I do not know why in the world the CNMI delegation would select that phrase as their defining statement. Perhaps the CNMI delegation wanted to convince themselves and others that the corrupt governor and his followers are not really self-serving, corrupt, greedy opportunists, but are really "good" Christians? Strange even for Fitial.

Stranger still is that while the CNMI's problems have reached crisis level,  the Governor of the US. Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands is at the Republican National Convention. Watch him in the video below:



Anonymous said...

9 reasons not to vote for Mitt Romney. No to anyone aligned with Fitial

Anonymous said...

If only a reporter would stick a microphone in his face and ask on national tv about the impeachment.

Anonymous said...

He was shown casting the NMI 9 votes during the Hardball show yesterday on MSNBC - in the background but still how embarrassing!