House Resolution Impeaching CNMI Governor Benigno Fitial

August 30, 2012

The House Resolution impeaching Benigno Repeki Fitial, Governor of the U.S. Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, for commission of a felony, corruption and neglect:



captain said...

Unfortunate, according to the sponsors of this bill and those seven that signed it, they do not believe this will get passed.
Maybe in their own mind they may believe this is the right thing to do to enable the CNMI to move forward. (or it could be political maneuvering by some)

But accordingly they do not hold much hope to garner enough votes to pass it.(according to the sponsor)
The people must put pressure on Fitial's lapdogs in the house to do what the people want. But most are more afraid of Fitial and his vindictiveness than getting elected again.
But even as far as the election go many have also expressed that the voters are all talk and they will still vote these misfits back in.
Fitial is not worried about this as he has stated that he has the house under control.

That is why he is still partying in the mainland and staying at the most expensiveness places and eating the most expensive meals.
He has no concern for the NMI as he has also stated and shown that he can do what he wants as nobody can "challenge him"
Even Paul Manglona is all talk and no action.

It is so sad that only a few will stand up against this tyrant.
His (Fitial)people have recruited the younger kids of the connected and elected that are back from college and even the ones that are still in the US in school to try and upset things and attempt to discredit the growing opposition to his "reign" as the Mafia he has here cannot form sentences or are able to communicate effectively.
Much like himself.
If Fitial is not impeached we will be a wasteland by the end of his term.
We can only imagine just what else he has done in secret that the next generation will be paying for.

It also is evident that very few of these elected even are aware of what their responsibilities entail.
Most likely because of their lack of education and being able to understand or comprehend English (and Chamorro)

Wendy Doromal said...

Hello Captain

Good points. I imagine if 700 or even 300 of those people who signed the impeachment petition on-line made a public statement by rallying outside the House, then more people would brave-up and force change to end the corruption. Any voter, regardless of economic status, political affiliation or level of desperation, who supports a corrupt and damaging leader or his backers for whatever reason -fear, self-profit or even ignorance –is also contributing to the demise of the CNMI and the suffering of the people.

Any person who understands the seriousness of the corrupt and perhaps illegal acts of the governor, his followers in the Legislature, and the DPS thugs and votes for anyone who does not support impeachment also must share the shame and responsibility for destroying the CNMI.

This election could very well decide the fate of the CNMI. Will the final nail be put in the coffin or will there be a chance to turn things around? It may be easier to be an armchair critic, but I must say for all of the comments and signatures on a petition, there has been little action from the people who support impeachment. They could easily set an example for those who are afraid not to obey the governor or his corrupt thugs and win them over to their side. Why do they sit when they should be marching? Why are they silent when they could gather in one voice to speak out against the corruption? Why aren't they rallying outside the House? They need to set an example for those who cower in fear of the governor, his thug-like police force and his puppets in the Legislature.