August 28, 2012

Assistant Secretary for the U.S. Department of Interior's Insular Affairs Office, Tony Babauta said, "The corruption will no longer be tolerated." Of course, it should have never been tolerated at all.

If Mr. Babauta is sincere, then his office must stop funding the corruption. Not one more penny of federal funds should go to the CNMI  Department of Public Safety. Additionally, the federal authorities have an obligation to investigate the deep-rooted corruption and prosecute those who are misusing federal funds.

High-ranking DPS and Ports Authority officials attempted to obstruct justice on August 4, 1012 by shielding the criminal former AG Edward Buckingham to prevent investigators from serving him with a penal summons. They also assaulted an innocent KSPN news reporter. The officers were on-duty collecting their salaries, using federally funded police vehicles and equipment while violating the law. Federal officials need to stop talking and do something.

Have the thug-policemen been suspended, fired, or arrested? NO! If such an incident took place in the mainland these people would no longer have their jobs and the authorizing governor would have been forced to resign.

This month several current and past employees of the DPS were arrested for drug trafficking. Nothing new really since the list of DPS officials who have been arrested is quite lengthy, but still quite disturbing that so many officers of the law are also violators of the law.

The latest despicable act by the CNMI Department of Safety-Not is that the disgusting cop, Jesse Dubrall who brutality beat an innocent foreign worker within inches of his life has been reinstated as a policeman. If this happened on the U.S. mainland then there would be riots in the streets. Why should a man who nearly killed another man be allowed to carry a gun or wear a badge?

Dubrall was reinstated by DPS Commissioner Aniceto Ogumoro who also has a criminal record.

As if that wasn't enough, another law breaking cop was reinstated. Kui Rogopes was arrested in 2006 for covering up a murder! Seriously, an officer who made a false police report to conceal a murder should be drawing a salary from an agency which receives federal funds and is charged with protecting the public?

Wait folks, there is more. The Saipan Tribune reported:
“Check the background of some of these newly hired officers. One was investigated before for theft, one for domestic violence, and one for writing a false report,” said an officer, who requested anonymity.
How can this make any sense?  Oh wait. . . I get it, perhaps the governor wants to increase his personal hit-men force of thugs who he directs to break the law and obstruct justice? Or is this an election season attempt to buy votes?

Again, not one more federal penny be given to this corrupt police force.


Anonymous said...

I agree Wendy. How do we approach this?

Wendy Doromal said...

Contact Asst. Secretary Babauta. Contact key members of Congress. Demand an end to this corruption. Would Babauta and members of Congress live in a locale where the police are the criminals? Where murderers and rapists run free? Probably not, but they fund this mafia-run DPS. Enough!