My dog ate my summons and other stupid excuses

August 29, 2012

Former Attorney General Edward Buckingham has a new attorney and new excuses for being a fugitive from the law. He now claims that he is not a fugitive from the law because the FBI agents who served him were not legally authorized to enter the departure terminal.

Previously the lawbreaker-lawmaker claimed he was leaving the CNMI to spend time with his family. After a bench warrant was issued for his arrest , Buckingham claimed that he had arranged to appear telephonically but his attorney failed to inform the court. (Since when can criminals dictate to judges that they can disobey a court summons and demand to appear telephonically?) The next excuse was that he could not to return to face the 7 criminal charges filed against him because of medical reasons. Now he claims he doesn't have to return because he was served improperly. Next week expect another excuse for being a lawbreaker –my dog ate the summons, I am allergic to Saipan, Fitial told me not to return. . .

Someone should add up how much federal money was spent in the effort to assist Buckingham to obstruct justice by avoiding to the penal summons. Total the salaries of all of the DPS and Ports Authority personnel who escorted Buckingham to the airport, shielded him from being served and attempted to shut down the restaurant in the departure lounge where they hid him. Count the use of any equipment including federally funded police vehicles that were used in the illegal operation. Count any of the governor's personnel and others who were were involved. Count the salaries of the federal agents that had to be employed because every other law enforcement agency on island was conspiring to break the law by obstructing justice.

The investigators who attempted for 15 hours to serve the criminal AG the penal summons were held back by the governor's goon squad made up of high-ranking on duty officials from the Department of Safety and Ports Authority Police. Buckingham's wife lied to investigators saying her husband was not at the Aquarius Beach Towers when he was, the Office of the Attorney General refused to accept the summons, and a variety of CNMI officials and employees refused to cooperate with investigators in serving the former AG the summons.

What is the CNMI Bar Association doing to disbar this lawbreaking attorney? Are they too incapable of upholding the moral obligations that the legal community and law enforcement agencies should promote and the public deserves?