Rally for Impeachment

August 26, 2012

The CNMI Legislature may be slow to file any impeachment resolution, but the people of Saipan are rallying today for Governor Fitial's impeachment. The pro-impeachment citizens will be at Capital Hill today to urge legislators to impeach the corrupt governor.

The online petition calling for impeachment has reached over 460 signatures while both the Marianas Variety and Saipan Tribune polls indicate over 90% of responders favor impeachment of the CNMI's rogue leader.

The cry for impeachment is growing as the governor enjoys his three-week off-island trip. It was disclosed today that after the RNC he will travel to Boise Idaho to campaign for members of his party, which this week is the Republican Party. If affiliated with that political party I would distance myself from this corrupt official.

There are hundreds of remarks stating why petition signers call for the governor's ouster and clearly the people do not support him or his followers.  Commenters are in agreement that Fitial has created "the worst times" that the CNMI has experienced, is the "most self-serving and corrupt governor" to ever hold office, "has no regard for the CNMI,its people or the law", and is responsible for the shaky retirement fund. Commenters include former attorney generals, columnists, educators, business leaders and even foreign workers.  There is a great political cartoon on the site.

CNMI House members are collecting signatures for his impeachment citing "multiple felonies, multiple acts of public corruption, and multiple instances of neglect of his sworn duties of office." There will be a meeting today to decide whether to pre-file the  impeachment resolution today or tomorrow in Saipan. there is no time like the present.

Some say that it will be difficult to get the required 14 votes needed in the House for impeachment. Still, the legislators who do not sign will surely have a difficult time getting re-elected by an outraged public that has had enough of the corruption. A new legislature where Fitial's allies are the minority could surely push the process through. The clock is ticking for Fitial.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

It seems apparent to me and any other reasonable person that you cannot count on Vice Speaker, Froilan, Basa, Palacios, Camacho or likely the Speaker. This takes six immediately out of passing equation. That leaves Demapan, F. Guerrero, Santos, Villagomez, Torres, Iquel, and if he is still in the House, R. Palacios. This looks incredibly iffy to me.

Why not simply do a recall petition and get 10% of the registered voters to sign it for recalling him?

Wendy Doromal said...

10:50 Why wait to see what the Legislature will (or won't) do? Someone needs to get that petition circulating. The real leaders of the CNMI (outspoken and brave citizens) could call a meeting and set up a committee to work on this.

Green Cards for All! said...

“A recall petition shall identify the public official sought to be recalled by name and office, state the grounds for recall, and be signed by at least forty percent of the persons qualified to vote for the office occupied by the public official.” N.M.I. Const. art. IX, § 3(a).

Anonymous said...

The problem with a "recall petition" is that so many of the people will not sign it as they or family is in Govt. employment and they very real reason to be afraid of retaliation as this petition is public record.
Many will not even talk in the open and are very scared to vent their real feelings with other around even among family and friends and even to voting in the polls they are distrustful and afraid of everybody.
This is why most of these incompetence elected will get re-elected.

Anonymous said...

ok, even if it is 40% of the registered voters, let's see, kids of alien workers, retirees, unemployed workers, public and private, businesses that do not make their money from the government, Rota and Tinian voters, all the independent republicans and independents, and democrats. I don't know that this would be that hard.

Anonymous said...

oh ya, and don't forget those registered voters in the States that believe enough is enough!