Resignation of Criminal Attorney General and Calls for Fitial's Impeachment

August 13, 2012

CNMI Attorney General Edward Buckingham who had a warrant for his arrest issued last week has resigned, again. This time it appears to be permanent, as Governor Benigno Fitial has appointed Viola Alepuyo as the acting attorney general.

Viola Alepeyo is the wife of former Covenant candidate Joseph Camacho who was endorsed by Governor Fitial in the 2010 election in the U.S. Delegate race.  AG Buckingham was charged with seven criminal acts, several of which deal with using his government office to support political candidate Joseph Camacho, which is a violates both CNMI and federal laws.

According to the Saipan Tribune, Buckingham cited personal and medical reasons for his resignation. Nothing about being an attorney general and also a criminal? Nothing about fleeing the CNMI to avoid a court summons? Nothing about having an active warrant for his arrest? Nothing about smearing the reputation of the CNMI? Nothing about his three years of scandalous behavior? Nothing about the people of the CNI deserving an attorney general who can uphold the laws?

Personal and Physical? Personal like, "I personally do not want to face criminal charges in the CNMI?" Physical like, "I am physically stressed thinking about if they have an orange jumpsuit in my size?"

Watch Buckingham now claim that he evaded the court summons not because he refused to interrupt his vacation as he previously and boldly stated to KSPN, but because he is ill and cannot return to the CNMI.

If the CNMI Senators have even an ounce of moral fiber they will never confirm Alepuyo as Attorney General. What a conflict it is to have a her even as the Acting AG at this time when the former AG has had seven criminal charges filed against him, many involving his illegal activities connected with her husband's campaign.

There are other conflicts. After Joseph Camacho lost the U.S. Delegate race in the 2010 election, Fitial appointed him as a judge to the Superior Court of the CNMI. Not to mention that Viola Alepeyo has fed at the trough of the CNMI Retirement Fund raking in hundreds of thousands of dollars as a legal counsel, while ignoring Fitial's refusal to kick in the government's contribution (now over $300 million).

It is no doubt that this was a calculated move made in an attempt to protect Fitial from ongoing investigations to determine if the governor authorized the army of CNMI law enforcement officials (thugs) to shield AG Buckingham from being served a court summons.  The law enforcement officials not only attempted to obstruct justice but assaulted KSPN reporter Tina Sablan who attempted to videotape the incident.

There may be something huge that Governor Fitial is hiding –something bigger than massage-gate, gun-gate, Aldan-gate, Mafnas-gate, Bucking-the-law gate to cause the governor to first accept Buckingham back as AG after he resigned, and then to appoint such a controversial, yet totally loyal Acting Attorney General. Perhaps it is his involvement in using personnel from federally funded offices to obstruct justice in the Buckingham flight, but there could be something else.

The appointment of Alepuyo may be perceived by many as Governor Fitial's way of giving the finger to the people of the CNMI.

Perhaps the good people of the CNMI will have the last laugh. There is serious talk of impeaching Governor Fitial.

Rep. Ray Tebeteb (R-Saipan) told the Saipan Tribune that an "impeachment resolution" was drafted months ago.

Impeachment talk is related to Governor Fitial releasing a federal inmate from prison to give him a massage, his support of the questionable ARRA contract for his former Finance Secretary, setting up his cabinet members to host political campaigns, and authorizing or condoning law enforcement officials to obstruct justice at the Saipan Airport, among other things.

Whether the House can get the votes that it needs to impeach is questionable. For sure, if the governor remains in power this upcoming election will likely result in people refusing to re-elect and elect those who support the governor and his unethical antics. To support the governor is to support corruption, waste of funds, graft and obstruction of justice.


Anonymous said...

CNMI governor also involved in this scandal. he wanted to let AG fly away so he will be safe.they both or more corrupted government official are involved.they wanted to end this story.imagine why our government/governor asked him to resign? they must ask for investigate this scandal and let AG open his corrupted mouth against FBI so real actor(our governor) of this scandal can go to right place(monkey house).lets see what FBI play them role on this....lanya its too much ne....adiossssssssss

Anonymous said...

After thinking about an impeachment, I think that maybe it would best this action be left until after the elections (as much as I hate to see that) because at present the house is Fitials lapdogs, as much so as Buckingham was.
Fitial says jump and they say "How high"?
It will never pass, even if it was initiated now..
I do not know if in the case it failed if it would be able to be attempted again using the same "charges". Maybe a lawyer could explain this procedure under our laws.

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures, I went scrolling and find the fugitive AG, which I believe the Gov will meet somewhere during his JUNKET trip...ONLY in Saipan...

Anonymous said...

Let's hope the Senate thoroughly checks her out before they confirm her. She was sanctioned by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals because she never filed a brief for her client, after they gave her a couple of continuances. I don't think she is eligible to practice in Federal Court, and that would be a problem for an AG.