Storms to Rock Florida

August 26, 2012

Welcome to Florida Governor Fitial! Yes, the head of the CNMI's Republican Party and delegate to the Republican National Convention is here.

The press that likes a juicy story has a great one with Fitial. It would put a new face on the Republican Party. They may want to interview the governor who had a federal prisoner released from jail to give him a midnight massage; the governor whose driver-body guard was arrested for dealing drugs from the governor's car; the governor who encouraged violated of federal campaign laws; the governor who made backdoor (and perhaps illegal) deals with ARRA and CUC contracts; the governor who authorized on-duty high-ranking public safety officers to obstruct justice in an attempt to prevent authorities from handing CNMI Attorney General Edward Buckingham a penal summons; the governor who is being hit with calls for his impeachment.

Fitial and the delegation will be met with some dark storm clouds. Tropical Storm Isaac is expected to be upgraded to a hurricane as it tracks to the Florida Keys today. The Republican National Convention, which is being held in Tampa has delayed most events until Tuesday August 28.

Isaac is predicted to travel up the Gulf of Mexico to the west of Tampa. But if the storm's path comes closer to the coast, expect havoc.

Since 2004 when Hurricane Charley ripped through the heart of Florida, I am skeptical of hurricane forecasts. Hurricane Charley was supposed to travel up the west side of Florida too. However, it strengthened rapidly as it approached Florida hitting Captiva Island with 150 MPH winds then veering inland where it passed directly over Orlando with 106 MPH wind gusts. It devastated the city and caused over $13 billion in damage in the state.

Florida's Former Republican Governor Crist Backs Obama
Storm predictions, I am not so good at, but I will predict a political storm in the GOP in the coming days. Florida's former Republican Governor Charlie Crist has endorsed President Obama one day before the GOP's Republican National Convention.

Today's editorial in the Tampa Bay Times is not just an endorsement of President Obama, but it is an attack on the Republican Party, which Crist aptly states has an element that "has pitched so far to the extreme right on issues important to women, immigrants, seniors and students that they've proven incapable of governing for the people."

Crist wrote:
"President Obama has a strong record of doing what is best for America and Florida, and he built it by spending more time worrying about what his decisions would mean for the people than for his political fortunes. That's what makes him the right leader for our times, and that's why I'm proud to stand with him today."
Read the entire editorial (here). It rings of truth.

This former governor's endorsement is huge news for Florida and the nation. It should make waves in the Republican Party. It could wake up some Floridians who are sitting on the fence. Florida is a must-win state for Romney and I predict he will lose the state.

Hopefully, others will follow Charlie Crist's courageous lead and realize that the extreme right is leading us to a very dangerous place that may have no escape. Perhaps there is a trend. . .


Anonymous said...

Theres got to beat least one reporter interested in this story

Anonymous said...

Considering the end of his term as Governor of Florida, Charlie Crist is as Republican as former U.S. Senator from Pennsylavnia Arlen Specter was.

Do you really think that with stories like these, the unsubstantiated allegations and political grandstanding of a few re-electionist "independent" Republican local congressmen in the CNMI seeking Governor Fitial's impeachment will garner any coverage at all?!

It is all a big "So what?"