Summer ends

August 12, 2012

Tomorrow I have to report back to work. Sigh.

At least for the first time since I can remember, or probably ever, I finished everything on my summer-to-do list –everything. There is not one thing left to clean or weed, no drafts to edit, no letters to send, nothing left on the list.  I finished my last to-do item today, by visiting the cutest bartender at Hog's Head Bar in Hogsmeade Village at Harry Potter World. College classes for Nani start again in three weeks.

Some photos of Hog's Head Tavern and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando:

This hog head grunts and moves.

Nani, my favorite attraction at Universal
Hogwart's Express

Entry to Hogsmeade
(The sign reads," Please respect the spell limits")

The Three Broomsticks restaurant 

Inside the Three Broomsticks


Aside from the Three Broomsticks and Hog's Head Tavern where Nani works, there are other must see places at the Wizarding World. I heard that the ride in the castle is amazing. It simulates riding a broomstick through some scenes from the movies. (Too bad I was too afraid of the speed and heights to open my eyes to see anything, but I did feel the heat of the dragon's fire and the spit from the spiders.)

The bathrooms in the Wizarding World feature the voice of Moaning Myrtle. There is the Ollivanders Wand Shop experience where boxes of wands move, lights flash and a magical wizard leads a chosen guest to have a wand select the wizard. There is a moving wanted poster of Sirus Black, and interesting items in the shop's windows: the dress that Hermione wore to the ball (it moves), a moving set of quidditch balls, a screeching mandrake, a moving display of chocolate frogs, the Weasley twins' Zonko Shop with all of the same items they sold in the books and movies.

Outside of Hagrids's cottage is the magical car that Ron Weasley and Harry crashed into the whomping willow tree. You can also see some performances of the frog choir, or performances by students from the Beauzbaton and Durmstrang schools.

Moving sign -Sirius Black

Ollivanders Wand Shop

(I was given Harry Potter's wand as a gift. Sadly, it does not work,
but the end lights up and it could be a flashlight.)

Shop Window - Hermione's ball dress

Chocolate Frogs in the window of Honey Dukes Candy Store

Ron Weasley's Car

Hagrid's Cottage

Hogsmeade Village

Hogwarts School


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Hello, Nani so cute and grown up!

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Beautiful Nani!