The Public is Not Stupid

August 26, 2012

Fitial seems to have selected the perfect companies for his backdoor CUC deal. They appear to be arrogant and defensive, just like the governor.

David Mahmood, CEO of Alliance Capital Corp. stated that Alliance and Keystone Shipping are the companies who made the $190 million power plant agreement with Fitial and Buckingham. Saipan Development LLC is a joint venture of the two companies.  I predicted this in a previous post, Sickeningly Predicatable.

Mahmood is supposed to be an astute businessman, so it is alarming that he sees nothing wrong with the tiny commonwealth entering into such a massive secret deal with no public hearings, no warning, and no  transparency. In fact, economic consultants advised against signing the deal until a comprehensive study could be conducted. Days later Fitial and Buckingham signed the deal. Apparently Kutz of Keystone Shipping has not yet signed the deal.

The Marianas Variety quoted Mahmood as saying, "A great deal of misinformation was tossed around without checking Facts."

Well, certainly someone –the governor, Mahmood, Keystone Shipping's CEO Dan Kutz or former AG Buckingham (oops -forgot he's a fugitive) could have squelched any "misinformation" or revealed the "facts" immediately. It seems that the parties spent three weeks trying to get their stories synchronized rather than making any effort to disclose facts about the deal.

Mahmood claimed that CNMI "lawmakers graciously received" the partners. Really? Where? Not in public!  Even the Lt. governor knew nothing of this deal! The only openly public proposed deal was one that involved David Mahmood's criminal brother, Kenneth Mahmood regarding a dry dock and ship repair facility.

I do not see any "misinformation" or distortion of "facts" with press reports or in comments made by concerned citizens or any of the critical public officials. The fact is that a backdoor deal that amounts to almost twice the total annual budget of the CNMI, was conducted secretly without any disclosure or transparency. The fact that a CNMI House member and the CNMI Senate has filed a lawsuit against the parties and has managed to get a temporary restraining order from the Superior Court shows something is not right. In fact, the judge suggested that there could be constitutional issues.

More Unbelievable Rant. . .
It was reported that the Commonwealth Ports Authority conducted an internal investigation to determine if public funds were misused in an attempt to shield former AG Buckingham from investigators who were trying to serve him with a penal summons. Of course, public funds were misused!

Still CPA executive director Edward Deleon Guerrero said an internal investigation determined that no ports authority police violated the law. Perhaps the entire Ports Authority police must be retrained. No legitimate law enforcement personnel participate in "escorting" a person to the airport who is leaving to avoid facing criminal charges.  How insulting to the public that this director even makes such a stupid statement. He should be immediately removed from office.

It makes no sense to have a corrupt agency investigate itself. None. Since the corrupt CNMI government is incapable of enforcing the law, I will ask federal officials to investigate.