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September 22, 2012

CNMI LeakSource has posted several new documents that expose the unethical activity of some prominent CNMI individuals. All "leaks" have documentation.

Vice-speaker Felicidad Ogumoro has had four collection cases filed against her. According to court documents (here and here), she owes over $100,000 to China Color Printing, Win Guide Color Printing, Younis Art Studio and Solid Builders.  She made a settlement, but apparently defaulted on repayment plan.

Another leak involves Republican Precinct 2 candidate Lianna Hofschneider. This leak goes back to 2004 when Hofschneider was ordered by the court to pay Mobil $115,684,82 at a 9% annual interest rate. The LeakSource does not reveal if the debt has been paid.

The final leak involves DUI charges filed against Fran Castro in American Samoa last month while she was a Saipan delegate to the 28th meeting of the Coral Reef Task Force. Governor Fitial and Angel Demapan were also in American Samoa for this meeting. Castro is the NPS Program Manager for the CNMI Department of Environmental Quality.

The lengthy August 21, 2012 news article from Samao News reveals that Castro failed the field sobriety test. From the article:
Ward sentenced Castro to nine months probation under several conditions that she must abide with while in the territory. Ward ordered the defendant to remain a law abiding citizen, refrain from operating a vehicle for 30 days, and not consume any alcoholic beverage while on probation. 
“You will be subjected to random testing for any alcohol in your system,” Ward told Castro. The defendant was also told if she returns to the territory within the nine months she must visit the probation office. 
Castro was ordered to pay a fine of $500, however Ward moved to defer $490 on her good behavior and the remaining fine will be taken out of the $500 bond she posted earlier. 
According to the government’s case the defendant was pulled over for speeding and police officers suspected she was driving while under the influence. They conducted field sobriety tests, which she failed. Castro was represented by Assistant Public Defender Karen Shelley.
Probably not the best publicity for the CNMI.

The CNMI LeakSource has received some criticism for revealing leaks, as is expected. Angel Demapan, the governor's press secretary said, “Accountability and transparency in government is the total opposite of anonymous sources.”

Of course anonymous sources would not be revealing information about government employees or elected officials who represent the CNMI if the government was more transparent.


Anonymous said...

Many fail to realize that Leak Source
requires some type of documentation such as News article. Court document etc. or other collaborating evidence.
As they have stated they are not "publishing' on hearsay in itself.
Which is also smart and can keep them out of any possible lawsuit.

Wendy Doromal said...

Thank you anonymous -I explained that in the first post below. Also, the submission process is anonymous.

Anonymous said...

This is sort of off topic so I hope it's not deleted per the off topic rule, but are you familiar with the suspicious death of Taiji Sawada in Saipan in 2011? If you aren't, please look up an article called "The Mysterious Demise Of Taiji" and the "Investigate Taiji Sawada's Death As A Homicide" petition.

What happened to him can also be connected to some of the CHC issues, IMO. As well as arrest/detention issues.

What happened to him proves that even celebrity contract workers aren't immune to the crap that goes on in Saipan. And if you could start the ball rolling on some investigation of the matter it would be cool... thank you and please don't delete this. Again my apologies for being off topic, but I couldn't find an on-topic place to put it...

Anonymous said...

Hey, I bookmarked leak source and it looks like it has gone down.... They say it was temporarily disabled because it was taking up too much of the host servers resources. Is it being messed with by hackers? Mariana's variety was wiggling out today too....hmmmm. Anti first amendment hackers?

Wendy Doromal said...

7:07 You are right -it is down!