CNMI States of Emergency Extended

September 21, 2012

If anyone questions whether or not Governor Fitial should be impeached, one would have just take a look at how many "states of emergency" he has declared during his term to understand the depth of his failure as a leader.

My interpretation of a state of emergency differs from that of the governor. I see a state of emergency as a temporary status caused by unforeseen circumstances, for example a storm, unexpected broken equipment, etc.  During the declared state enough resources and time would be devoted to correct deficiencies so the state could be lifted.

In the CNMI, however, the state is declared not to correct failures or deficiencies, but to give the governor the power to manipulate the department or agency over which the emergency has been declared. It is used to give the governor sole power to make decisions and cut others out of the process. In the CNMI the "state of emergency" or the serious problems within an agency or department are not caused by some outside unforeseen forces, but are self-inflicted.

This week Governor Fitial declared "states of emergency" for both  the CUC and CHC through executives orders. In both cases the problems were caused by failed leadership. The emergencies at CHC were caused by CNMI officials who failed to properly fund CHC and by  the CHC administration who failed to establish a working billing system and properly oversee operations. These failures are responsible for the fact that the institution cannot replace old or broken equipment, cannot pay vendors and get needed supplies, cannot meet payroll on time, and cannot effectively serve the community as the only hospital. This was a deliberate, predictable and self-created emergency.

For the second time in a week the U.S. Health and Human Services, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Region IX imposed Immediate Jeopardy status for the CHC. This time it was for having no quality control in the laboratory, no effective tracking system for samples brought to the Diagnostic Laboratory System (DLS), and no process for disposing of lab specimens. The shoddy work compromised the health of two patients, according to the inspection.

It was reported that inspectors are at the CHC for perhaps a week more. That will give them plenty of time to check other deficiencies that frustrated personnel have made public through the press over the last few months. The have complained about the lack of drugs and essential supplies, broken equipment and improper Medicare and Medicaid billing.

As for CUC, it seems that the struggling power company is crippled by the failure of the central government to pay their bills, including a few million owed by PSS, a few more by the hospital on and and on.  Again, this is a self-inflicted emergency.  In the case of the CUC, it seems that a backdoor deals play a role in determining the emergency. Since the governor is being sued for the shadowy, secret  $190 million power plant scheme, perhaps it serves him well to be able to control this corporation too. No problem, just declare an emergency.

Because the governor is the puppet master of the majority of the House members, his executive orders cannot be challenged. It should be obvious after years and years of declared emergencies for these same agencies that the emergency state is used to control and dictate. Clearly, the governor is incapable of using these emergency orders to correct problems, but uses them only to control and extend them.


captain said...

Wendy what you state is so correct.
When this clown started this in the beginning of his first term, I also took notice and questioned the declaration, then it kept going on and we all watched the backdoor deals that included sole sourced contracts etc.
Total abuse of authority. Then also not one of the elected "challenged" any of the EO's.
Just like sheep being being herded around by the sheep dog or following the "Judas Goat"
This is what comes out of uneducated self serving elected officials that cannot read or write and are only looking at "what's in it for me?"
I wonder just how much the Fitial has given these house members to look the other way on everything and do his bidding.
There is so much that this idiot has done and not done that has continually destroyed the CNMI.

ALSO only now the Rota Sen Manglona has been challenging Fitial just because he got his feelings hurt because Fitial called the Rota and Tinian elected and people stupid.
Not because Fitial has destroyed the CNMI, but because of "hurt feeling" Give me a break.
(plus election year)
There is not enough space to list all that this clown is responsible for along with many of these elected.

You know the biggest interesting thing in all of this is that anytime I read or hear any of his ignorant supporters praising this incompetence piece of garbage, I always ask any one to name at least one positive accomplishment that this clown has done for the betterment of the CNMI and it's people.
Even name anything positive that this clown has done from any time he has been with the Govt.(or even private sector)
Why is it that not one of these ignorant followers can answer that simple question?
Including Mr. Bennett,(ex teacher) and also these college boys back on vacations from these "elite" families cannot answer.
I am so curious as to actually see if our people will actually vote out some of these career politicians as to the talk.
I seriously doubt it, most will be bought off, threatened with loss of job etc.
Anyway we shall see what we shall see, I do not hold out much hope in my life time for any real changes.
Best to move to a third world country such as the Phil. since it is almost certain any of our retirement will be lost.

Wendy Doromal said...

The people must rise up or there will be nothing left. Already the CNMI is unsafe for people with health issues. I could not live there because of my own. I wonder how many other people with terminal or chronic conditions are questioning whether they should risk living in the CNMI.