Demonstrations For and Against Fitial's Impeachment

September 16, 2012

Impeachment rally photos by Itos Feliciano ©2012
Bribes of food and threats of job loss government drew employees and Fitial loyalists to Governor Fitial's mock love-fest even as about 100 brave protesters held an impeachment rally at the Microl intersection.

The Marianas Variety reported:
Variety learned that administration officials instructed their employees to attend the pro-Fitial rally if they didn’t want to be jobless. 
One such employee told this reporter: “We have no choice. We have bills to pay.”
Of course, anyone who is threatened with loss of job for not attending a political function can file a labor compliant.

Judging by the reported turnout, apparently fear of job loss trumps integrity.

Pro-impeachment demonstrators included Delegate Gregorio Sablan's wife.  Also present were the more vocal pro-impeachment advocates including Lily Manalili, Kagman High School vice-principal Leila Staffler, Ed Probst, Glen Hunter, Ron Muna and leaders of the foreign workers' groups. The lawmakers who drafted the impeachment resolution also joined the pro-impeachment demonstrators.

Saipan Tribune reporter Haidee Eugenio reported, "While the pro-Fitial crowd was evidently bigger, the anti-Fitial crowd got the most response from motorists passing." This is also apparent in the online poll where 1,454 voted for impeachment and 129 voted against impeachment.

Convicted federal felon Felix Nogis, a Fitial supporter claimed that "the will of the people is with the governor."

I think he meant to say that the people who are the governor's relatives, are dependent on government jobs or benefit from his political favors are with the governor.