Attempts to Steal an Election?

October 23, 2012

It appears that Ben's ten have only empowered their corrupt leader to persist in violating laws and employing other dirty tricks in an attempt to steal the upcoming election.

The news yesterday was that a Department of Public Land employee had the audacity to tell U.S. Delegate Gregorio (Kilili) Sablan and his wife to stop waving at an intersection where the couple held signs asking for support.

The Marianas Variety reported that the female employee told them, "You cannot stand here. It's a political sign."

The delegate responded that it was not a stationary sign and he had a permit. Sablan challenged the unidentified employee to arrest him. She replied that she could not to that.  He also refused to move and refused to stop waving to passing motorists.

This is the kind of response that every member of Governor Fitial's thug squad should receive each time they attempt to obstruct justice, break a law, bully a citizen or steal an election. Good for Congressman Sablan and his wife for refusing to let a Fitialite intimidate!

According to the Marianas Variety two weeks prior to this incident the governor and Republican Party members, including the DPL acting Secretary Ramon Salas, had a "long line of political signs in the same area on Beach Road."

The Republican Party leader and his army of bullies may want to step back or risk facing charges.  The Office of the Special Council let the DPS and former AG Buckingham's blatant Hatch Act violations slide on by during the last election. In today's even more hostile political climate in the CNMI, that won't fly this round. This round people are standing up against corruption

A few days ago over a hundred people gathered at the Microl intersection to protest government corruption. This is a movement that is only going to gain momentum until the governor is impeached and corruption is stopped.

For decades CNMI political cheaters have demanded that their followers prove their loyalty in the "vote in exchange for a government job" scheme. This time it looks like the ruling Republican Party is requiring employees to prove their loyalty by taking a photos of their ballots on their cell phones to prove how they voted.

Citizen activist Glen Hunter has written a letter to the Commonwealth Election Commission requesting that no electronic equipment be allowed in the voting booths.  He wrote:
I have been told that some members of our community are being requested to take photos of their ballots within the polls in order to confirm their vote to others. Therefore, I am writing to file a formal request to ask that emergency regulations be implemented to protect the secrecy of the vote by placing a ban on cellular phones, cameras, video recording devices and other electronic devices from the polling stations. 
The request to take a photo of one’s ballot violates every voter’s constitutional right to secrecy in voting (CNMI Constitution, Article VIII Section, Section 3). Our CNMI statute gives the CEC the power to promulgate rules and regulations in regards to voting procedure in order to maintain the secrecy of the vote and for other purposes. (1 CMC § 6105(f))

Read the letter:

Clearly this type of voting intimidation must be a violation of federal election law as well as a violation of CNMI law.  Where is the FBI?

What happened with the Republican Party political meeting held during government working hours that was attended by high level government employees? No consequences? No Hatch Act violation filed?

It was also announced that the election commission has disqualified Precinct 5 House candidate Jesse Torres, claiming that he is a resident of Guam.

Governor's Nominee for Attorney General
Meanwhile Governor Fitial has announced that attorney Joey San Nicolas is his nominee for Attorney General. San Nicolas has been serving as the legal counsel for the Commonwealth Ports Authority.

During Senate confirmation hearings maybe someone should ask the legal counsel what he thought of Ports Authority Chief of Police Jordan Kosam and Captain John Rebuenog's involvement in obstructing justice in an effort to shield former AG Edward Buckingham from being served a penal summons. Did he also have knowledge of the incident? Was his number among those listed on the subpoenaed phone records?


Captain said...

Isn't the election committee appointed by Fitial?
If so they will not agree to Glen's request.
The only way that any enforcement to ban any electronic devices from the poling area will be enforced will be if there is a Fed Officer(s) there at the entrances to the polling stations.

A question, are these devices allowed inside at poling station in the USA?

Since these CNMI elections now come under Fed law because of the US Congressional Rep. seat I would think that since all of these past problems in the CNMI, that a request for a Fed. "Monitoring team" to overlook the elections in the CNMI should be requested, directly.(Glen pls note my suggestion)
I would think that there would be enough circumstantial evidence to warrant it. (Glen has files of documentation.)
They send in observers to foreign countries during elections, why not here?
But then, the Feds have been sitting back on so many issues here. Seems that they may be over run with illegal activities that they cannot handle all and have to pick and choose which to go after...
But I would think that some of these other "crimes" that are rampant in the CNMI should have taken priority over the recent re-arrest of the two past CNMI Govt. employees over the killing of a protected species.
But who knows what the Fed are up to.

As far as Joey San Nicholas goes for an AG, I have my doubts about that.
I knew him well when he was on Tinian. He has been living on Saipan for a while now, last time I knew.
Years ago he also represented a defendant in a multiple, on the job rape of an employee. JP got this local off even though many of us knew his guilt first hand.
The female employee was a new Phil.US Cit. married to a local.(that did not work)
Although the rapist got off the company had to pay over $250k in a later Fed. sexual harassment trial.

JP was a fairly decent attorney.(For Tinian)
Although JP used to be a nice guy and his wife also, he does not have the experience nor years as a lawyer to warrant this position.
I also suspect that he now is a Fitialite and until we can get rid of Fitial the same problems will go on.
I doubt seriously if JP will go against Fitial.
This looks like a political ploy by the old covenant and the Fitial GOP to garner votes for their candidates as the incumbent, do nothing Tinian delegation are in problems and should be ousted.

But my anticipated fear about Viola's husband that was appointed by Fitial to the vacant Judge slot so far has not come about and I was wrong there.
He has proven to be the only Judge that is getting some of these criminals off the streets and also rejecting the lenient "plea deals" by the AG office.
Maybe if JP is confirmed he may also surprise us. Lets see if he will be confirmed first.
Hopefully there will be enough new House members voted in to impeach Fitial in January and the Senate will have enough votes to get rid of him.

Spoiler said...

The loss of Jesse is a terrible blow to the CNMI. As the only Rep running from the new Dems, his loss locks a spot for at least one Juan Babauta Repubs (meaning group of ignorant lackeys JB pledged to Ben giving him the head of the GOP in exchange for hospital director).

The flag waving on Kilili was just a jab or needle as he will win by a landslide.

But there will be no wave of new progressives sweeping into office. The Senate race pits 2 stupid arses, a thug, and a crook for 2 seats. The GOP ads nightly on our news are a whose who of clowns, thieves, beggars, and all Fitial flunkies that couldn't write a letter, speak in public, or give a specific answer on even one of our key issues.

In addition, Stanley is investigating the PPA, so the power deal is going forward, Kuth shipping has retained council to push the deal for their ship yard, and Stanley has sold or leased property to their agent / partner for over 300k, and of course the new AG is a thug who will defend Ben no matter what happens.

Anonymous said...

It is interesting that there is/has been a law that does not allow these devices in the polling area.
It is also interesting that not one of these "election officials" were/are aware of this law.
This just goes to show that, as is the norm here, none of any appointees ever look into the laws and regs that they are supposed to uphold and enforce.

NOW the question will be will anybody actually enforce this law against electronic and related devices?
Are they going to search everyone's bags upon entry inside the anti room before picking up their ballot.
I read that Glen has also made a request to the Feds to monitor this election.
I hope that this is done including Tinian and Rota. I doubt though, short of flying in any other people, that this request will be granted.
But my hat is off to Glen, Ed, Tina and all of the others that are working constantly to bring this mess to a head.
We shall actually see just how the majority of voter really feel this next week.
Is this only talk as usual by the voters. How many will be bought off by beer, BBQ and CUC payments?