October 26, 2012 I voted weeks ago, but I've been working to elect President Obama and other progressive candidates.

AFT President Randi Weingarten GOTV bus tour

U.S. Congressional candidate Val Demmings GOTV bus tour


Anonymous said...

Other than Kilili and a few others, who would that (meaning progressive candidates) be in the CNMI?

Anonymous said...

One of the best things that is guaranteed and represented in the US is the freedom of speech and the right to chose our "leaders".
Unfortunately the "rich" are the only ones that are able to run and get elected to the many elected offices, not necessarily the ones that can do the job.
This does not leave the people with much to chose from.

The other major problem is that basically there are only two recognized political parties in the US and that the majority of the people will vote party lines instead of voting for the best of the worse of the available choices.This is not much different than
much like in the CNMI where many vote for family regardless of the ability to do the job instead of a more competent educated candidate.

With Obama, he has, among other things put the US in the largest debt in it's history with China holding $trillions in notes, this along with other failed areas.

Is Romney any better, whose knows at this time?
But one thing for sure is that Obama has had his time and it did not work, along with so many of the other elected in the legislative bodies.
Romney would not be my choice but he is probably the lesser of the evil to put in that seat as at least with him and the rest may be able to get the spending under control.

Will Romney win? Most likely not, but it will be very close.
It may also come down to the electoral college.
Even if Romney was able to garner the majority vote he may not get the electoral needed.

The same excuses can and are used with Obama as are used for Fitial.(and others)

That being that "the mess" was inherited.
"The mess" is inherited by each Admin. anyplace coming into office no matter from where. The problem is to be able to do something and to get each side working together and to get the best brains as is available to get things under control.
There is not enough space to go into the many pros and cons of this US Admin.
With each argument for there is an argument against so it would be endless.
And no matter what, the best man will not win as there does not seem to be a "best man" in this US election.
[and so few in the CNMI midterm election]

On another note, I see that a massive hurricane is heading up the East Coast of the US. I don't know how bad it will affect Florida, but be safe and take the necessary precautions.

Wendy Doromal said...

Anonymous 10:53

I know. My entire family is Republican so I try not to say too much during this season. I think of Romney as a shape-shifting, less than honest bully who could further tear the fabric of our nation. He seems way out of touch with the needs and experiences of the average American. I disagree with everything he has said about teachers and unions and oh so much more.

The storm moved up the coast. It must be huge because it was over 200 miles from Orlando and it was very windy and rainy yesterday and extremely windy today. I raked and swept two times then I gave up. I think people in Maryland and that area are going to get hit. I hope it's not too bad.