Investigate Governor Fitial and his DPS Thug Squad

October 1, 2012

Governor Fitial, DPS Deputy Police Commissioner Ambrosio Ogumoro and his DPS thug-squad should be investigated by federal authorities and if found in violation of any laws, arrested. All federal funds connected to the Department of Public Safety, the Ports Authority and the Governor's Office should be stopped until a full investigation into the escape of fugitive AG Buckingham is conducted and the involved offices are swept clean of corrupt officials and employees.

The Office of the Public Auditor has linked CNMI Governor Benigno Fitial to the incident at the Saipan International Airport where thug-policemen, including the governor's body guard were ordered to aide and abet the former Attorney General Edward Buckingham in avoiding being served a penal summons.

Some officials from the Office of the Public Auditor were called to appear before the House panel that is investigating the 16 charges against the governor in the impeachment resolution filed last month.

Juan Santos, the OPA Chief Investigator testified that DPS Deputy Commissioner Ambrosio Ogumoro "instructed DPS not to assist the OPA investigators" in serving the summons to Buckingham. Furthermore, he wrote in an "after-action report" about inappropriate behavior of the police officials at the airport that the DPS Deputy Commissioner also threatened to arrest OPA investigator Juanette David-Atalig if she "insisted on serving the penal summons."

A DPS police officer told OPA that he believed Ogumoro was carrying out the governor's orders.

The Saipan Tribune detailed what happened in the VIP lounge where the thug-police were sheltering Buckingham and his wife so no one could serve the summons:
Santos said when Park opened the VIP lounge door, Ogumoro and Commonwealth Ports Authority ports police chief Jordam Kosam tried to stop him. Also present in the VIP lounge was the governor's security/driver, DPS Police Capt. Jermaine Nekaifes. 
Santos said Park told Ogumoro to do his job while he does his. Santos said Park also told Ogumoro that if he touches him, he will arrest Ogumoro. 
“And that's when Ambrosio and Jordan stepped away and SA H. Park approached Buckingham and served him with the penal summons. SA H. Park said that Buckingham's biggest concern is whether he can still fly/leave this morning,” Santos said in his report. 
Santos also said Park reminded Buckingham that he was served a summons, and he has to appear on Aug. 6 in court. 
“Buckingham said to him [Park], 'I am under direct orders to make sure that I get on that flight,'” Santos said in his report.
Did the governor ordered Buckingham to get on that flight? Attorney General Buckingham answered to no one else except his puppet master, the governor. It appears that Buckingham was so tangled in the governor's schemes that he had to leave. Why else would an attorney violate the law, risk being arrested, and jeopardize his career?

Others who testified included OPA investigator David-Atalig, OPA Legal counsel George Hasselback,  an Aquarius Tower employee and Glen Hunter who was at the airport witnessing the incident. KSPN reporter Tina Sablan who was assaulted by the police-thugs at the airport and shot video footage also testified/

Other DPS officials will be subpoenaed by the committee, including those from OPA, DPS, the FBI, and the Office of the Attorney General.

Last week Rep. Frank Dela Cruz pre-filed House Resolution 17-114, which calls for the extradition of fugitive Edward Buckingham, the former Attorney General of the CNMI. The disgraced attorney is said to be in San Francisco. It is highly unlikely that Governor Fitial and his new puppet AG Viola Alepeyo would take steps to extradite Buckingham. It is also unlikely that Buckingham would ever do the right thing and return to face charges. What a pathetic cast of characters in this CNMI soap opera.


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Dethrone Fitial and throw his army in the dungeon!