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October 19, 2012

Ruth at the Unity March ©2007 W. L. Doromal
I was so very sad to hear that Ruth Tighe, an amazingly intelligent, witty, courageous, compassionate and loving woman had passed on October 17, 2012.

Her contributions to the CNMI spanned over thirty years, but few could have accomplished in a lifetime what Ruth accomplished in the decades that she lived on Saipan.

Ruth was a gifted writer, environmentalist, librarian, researcher, and a good friend to many.

To me, she was a friend from afar. Ruth sent many emails providing me with information and insight. When she enjoyed something on this site, she took the time to send a personal message.  She often ended her emails with the encouraging message, "Keep up the good work!"

There will be a void for many of us as Fridays come without Ruth's "On My Mind" columns. I always looked forward to reading what Ruth had to say. Her weekly column ran in a variety on Saipan newspapers for many years and later it was published online and emailed to friends.

In 1994 when my husband and I were attacked mercilessly for advocating for justice and reform for the foreign contract workers, Ruth wrote a column supporting our efforts.  I still have the original yellowed article from 1994.

Ruth was truly an extraordinary educator. She researched and dug up facts then incorporated them into her columns to help educate and inspire the community that she loved so much.

Most of the time I agreed with her views, but even when I did not, I still admired her perspective and thoughtfulness.

In 2010 the CNMI Legislature recognized Ruth with House Resolution 16-104. She was also honored by Delegate Kilili Sablan who submitted a statement to the Congressional Record referring to her as a "citizen extraordinaire." The accolades were well-deserved.

Ruth was a very dear and special person who will be missed by all.  Her many contributions to the CNMI will live on even though she has departed. Rest in peace, Ruth.


Anonymous said...

may god bless her..she was awesome.amen

Anonymous said...

I'm shocked and saddened and to hear of the death of my long-time friend and neighbor, Ruth L. Tighe. At first I met her because of land lease. I always regard her as my teacher. She is a kind and just person. In my point of view, Ruth is an international fighter for the working people. If every one works like Ruth, the ideal society of unified globalization will come soon. I will remember her. Ms Doromal, thank you for your influence on more people to remember Ruth.

Anonymous said...

Ruth was very invloved in the island and often sent me e-mails and called me about things that would involve my former job on Saipan. It is sad for us, but not for her. I think she was ready to go, as much as any of us are. She will be remembered by the people that knew her. In the end, that's the only thing we can hope for in this life.
God bless you.