Shut Down Department of Thugs

October 15, 2012

DPS Deputy Commissioner Ambrosio Ogumoro is proud to be a thug, a bully and an obstructionist. Why is he allowed to hold a high-ranking position in a federally funded police force? Where are the federal officials? The Department of Public Safety is the home base of corrupt thugs that abuse their power and mock the law!

Earlier this week at Governor Fitial's impeachment hearing Ogumoro invoked his Fifth Amendment Rights. . .again. He was rude and arrogant to the legislators. Again he repeated that the proceedings were "a waste of time."

Ogumoro testified that there is not enough fuel for police cars. Still  official DPS cars were used to escort Buckingham to the airport to help him avoid being served a summons. Four of those vehicles were federally funded. (Hello, federal agents?) When questioned how much fuel was used in the  Buckingham escape episode, Ogumoro refused to answer.  Unethical, law-breaking bullies have no place on a police force. Law enforcement officials who order their subordinates to break the law while using government resources belong behind bars.

Another truthful DPS officer, revealed that Ogumoro had ordered him to back off from serving the criminal summons to former AG Edward Buckingham.  It is amazing that Ogumoro thinks that he can decide who gets served and who does not. Does this mean he also decides who gets arrested and who does not. So much for upholding the law.

Ogumoro told the impeachment committee that "he was not afraid."

Hmmm...I think he should be very afraid.



Anonymous said...

Ambrosio and his amigos need a new uniform and a new office. I'm thinking orange jump suits and a nice cell.