Updated: Impeachment Defeated

October 17, 2012


A brilliant song about Governor Fitial by an unknown author sent by BK. Listen!

The impeachment vote took place at 8:22PM. As predicted, the impeachment resolution was defeated as majority members voted to maintain corruption and the status quo.  The Marianas Variety reports that the legislators voting in favor of impeachment were: House Minority Leader Joseph P. Deleon Guerrero, Reps. Janet U. Maratita, Reps. Ray N. Yumul, Francisco S. Dela Cruz, Trenton B. Conner, Ramon A. Tebuteb, Rafael S. Demapan, Tony P. Sablan and Edmund S. Villagomez.

The Fitial supporters who voted no to impeachment and yes to Fitial's failed, corrupt leadership were: Speaker Eli D. Cabrera, Vice Speaker Felicidad T. Ogumoro, House Floor Leader George N. Camacho, Reps. Stanley T. Torres, Ramon S. Basa, Teresita A. Santos, Raymond S. Demapan, Joseph M. Palacios, Sylvestre I. Iguel and Fredrick P. Deleon Guerrero.

Bravo for the pro-impeachment legislators who exposed to the world the unethical and illegal activities of Governor Fitial and his thug squad. It is up to the federal government to act now and prosecute those who broke the law. It is up to the CNMI people to vote out the legislators who closed their eyes to justice to support their own political gain at the expense of the CNMI people.

Original Story:

After ten days of testimony, one thing is very clear. Governor Fitial must be impeached. No witness testified in defense of the governor. Those involved with his corrupt or illegal schemes invoked their Fifth Amendment rights, strengthening the case  their own and the governor's guilt.

KSPN reported that subpoenaed phone records prove that Governor Fitial, fugitive Edward Buckingham, the governor's DPS wheelman, Jermaine Nekaifes and Deputy Commissioner Ambrosio Ogumoro made numerous phone calls to and from each other on the night and early morning hours of August 3rd and August 4th, the day Buckingham fled the CNMI.

No honest legislator could review the evidence of the hearings, listen to the testimonies and conclude that the governor should not be impeached. Clearly, those who vote no to impeachment are loyal to Fitial rather than to the people that they were elected to serve. Those who vote no will likely receive a no vote for their re-election in November.

While the minority members of the Impeachment Committee supported an extension of the proceeding to review evidence and prepare a report, Fitial loyalist Speaker Eli Cabrera insisted on a 2:00 session to vote and refused to grant an extension. Cabrera claimed that the committee had had enough time, but at the same time he allowed House members loyal to Fitial (Reps. Felicidad Ogumoro, Stanley Torres) to call back witnesses, including members of the DPS thug-squad past the 30-day time limit.

It was reported that Governor Fitial was holding regular strategy and campaign meetings, like the one held on government time at Poon's Restaurant that violated CNMI ethic laws. The intent was to urge supporters to attend the Wednesday session to show support for the governor against impeachment.

Speaker Cabrera and other majority House members met with the governor in his private conference room before he announced that there would be no extension. House rules allow 60 days to consider recommendations and write reports.

Special Committee on Impeachment chair, Rep. Joe Deleon Guerrero expressed dismay with the speaker's refusal to extend the sessions. He said that the committee "was set up for failure."

The Saipan Tribune quoted Deleon Guerrero:
“I can only conclude that this is an attempt to prevent the materials from being put on the floor to prevent each member from being able to objectively review and make a decision. I think it is in the governor's interest not to have these materials appear before the members because it would be very hard for the members to vote 'no' on each article if they were to base their decisions on the materials before them so yes, anyone, any reasonable person, would come to that conclusion.” 
Fourteen votes are required of the 20-member House and six votes in the Senate to impeach the governor.

The impeachment hearings were still going on late into the afternoon today.

According to the Marianas Variety pro-impeachment advocate Glen Hunter testified around 4:00PM in favor of impeachment. While in the session someone slashed the right tires of his vehicle which was parked  in the Legislative parking lot.  How disgusting.  (The MV website has not worked for a day. It was either hacked or has technical problems. I cannot even copy a link or read an entire story.)

It is unlikely that the Fitial puppets would vote to impeach their master. It will be up to the CNMI voters to vote out of office every legislator who votes no to impeachment.  Anyone who would have the audacity to vote no to impeachment with such an overwhelming amount of evidence to support the 16 articles of impeachment is a self-serving politician who is ignoring the truth, supporting corruption and refusing to restore democracy to the CNMI.


Anonymous said...

Get out the vote to get Fitial backers out of office! Anti-corruption Rally October 21 Microl Intersection. 10AM

Anonymous said...

Yup predictable. The bad guys always end up the losers. Their time is a comin'.

About the MV site. It looks like the problem is interference from the glitchy flashing advertisements. The flash is bleeding over to the news articles.

Anonymous said...

In regards to Glen's car tires, I would not doubt for a minute that the person(s) that cut the tires were the DPS that was called to maintain security at the Legislature Bld.

And MV has had this current problem recently also.
They never have had any good Tech's through the years with few exceptions.
The good one seem to not last long.
Maybe because of the pay, don't know.
They have never been able to even get the comment votes working in co-ordination so you can see "good and bad" thumbs.
Also the letter count on the comment are not accurate.Some times it is by 78 letter off other times on average it is about 30.

Now lets see on election day just how many of these Govt. employees will vote correctly.
I seriously doubt if many of these Fitial elected supporters will be voted out.
As in the past, there is much talk but never any action.
These people such as Ogumoro are banking on that so they will be voted back in.
I truly hope that the majority of the people are fed up with this current situation and do vote out many.
The problem there is few to choose from to replace the old one as many candidates have been there before.
We get the same old recycled misfits.

I hope that there has been copies made of these records and documents regards to this "Impeachment Committee".
I also hope that there is some kind of Fed. intervention, even as they did in the US South in the early years due to violation of civil rights.
This place is looking more and more like that everyday.

People's contract not being renewed "due to budget issues" while many additional new hires.

These Judges ALL recusing themselves because of Judge Camacho.

This place is a mess, hopefully our new young voters have enough common sense to be able to see through all of this and vote out many of the old.

Anonymous said...

The voters aren't going to do squat here because anyone that watched the Senatorial debate may need an MLK quote "nothing for which to vote" and 2 of those will be in the CNMI Senate for 4 long years.