America Won!


Anonymous said...

congratulation president,,,yahooo well job,,,may god bless usa and all.

Anonymous said...

I hope he goes through his promise of immigration reform especially the dream act.

Wendy Doromal said...

Wow - They are still counting votes in Florida. The last person who voted in Miami stood in line until 1:00am. Even though the disgusting governor attempted to suppress the Democratic vote, the people stood for democracy, both figuratively and literally. Even though the GOP, Koch brother, Carl Rove and richy rich folks attempted to buy the election, democracy won!

Anonymous said...

Fallout from re-electing Obama.
This comment is not an endorsement for Romney. Whether Romney could do a better job will not be known now.

The point being though is that Obama has put the US into an unheard of debt and will continue t do so unless he gets some education and his spending habits put on hold.
China is no longer an option to further borrow more money.
Post election world fallout;
The dollar continues to fall.
The Japanese Yen continues to grow in strength.
The Philippines Peso value has been on the rise and is projected to hit at 30:1 against the dollar before the end of next year.(in-spite of Banko Decentral efforts to curb it)
due to the influx of foreign investment in the Phil.
Now many may say that is good because of the rush from investors to these countries because of the devalue of the US Dollar.

Anonymous said...

What happens in the forefront with the many US Cit. that have retired in places such as the Phil. (over 800k US Cit.), they are on fixed income so their US Dollar loses much value and will affect their quality of living.
Many are in other countries because they cannot afford to live in the US and are living solely off of their SSA and/or VA disability.

The high currency value in these country causes a big decline in exports as the cost increases.

The remittance from the OFW also loses value.
This in turn has the ripple effect and affect the GDP along with employment and investment failure.
A majority of the Phil. economy is based on it's OFW remittance.

This is also happening in Japan now. One Example; Suzuki Motors USA, has filed bankruptcy in the US.
Much outsourcing from Japan now has now gone to China
Nissan has been building a multi Billion US dollar plant in China and Toyota also has a plant there along with Chrysler and Jeep.
(along with so many other companies)
Chevrolet SUV's are now being built in Korea by Daiwoo.
In Europe, which many countries has big debt problems and high unemployment, NOW Germany is also starting to be affected.

Obama past four years have shown bad policies and now in anticipation of another four years the dollar has continued it's slide and many are bracing for a further economic decline.
(Stock Market have been down)

BTW, yesterday in the Phil. market in SBMA (Subic Duty free)
1 ea. yellow pepper was priced at 328 PhP.($7.94US)
1ea head of lettuce was 185PhP ($4.47 US)
Broccoli was over $4 US.
Beef is way over $15 US.(Australian beef $20)
Pork belly, (Liemko)287 PhP ($6.949 US)
Talapia 195 PhP ($4.72 US)
Bread 67 PhP ($1.62 US)
Chicken $3.68 US.
Diesel is still declining at 41 PhP per liter ($3.80 US)
Gasoline average is 56 Php liter ($5.19 US)
Cooking propane small tank is now at 840 PhP ($20.48 US) Before it was average $13.17 US.
The average Phil. worker is lucky to make 450 PhP ($10.89 US)a DAY

Obama is known as the "food stamp" President.
With the present set up between the US House and the Senate not changing it is projected that much of the past Obama spending have to be drastically curtailed.
If this is in fact, I would expect that much will be taken away from the Insular areas (especially the CNMI)along with SSA and VA benefits.(among much others)
Especially since the NMI cannot spend what they have gotten.
Many news media such as Newsmax have dire predictions of the fallout that will follow under Obama if the do nothing US Congressional people cannot make major policy changes and start working together in spite of the President.

I hope that the many professional forecast about this next Obama term are wrong but time will definitely tell.

But on the home front, the first issue in January has to be to get rid of Fitial before any road to recovery in the NMI.
I would also suggest that many of these Govt. employees start to get training so they can start their transition into the private sector as there is no way this CNMI Govt. can afford to keep this number of employees and agencies duplicating services.(or only existing to supply a paycheck.)
Next will have to be to cut down on the number of elected. THAT is mind boggling when you look at all the other states' elected verses the number of people in the CNMI and the number in the respective States. resident being re-elected.

BTW, for workers that go to the private sector one advantage is that they will still qualify for food stamps as the wages are low, but best to look at what they will receive in food stamps while working as an increase in wages. Just add the food stamps to the private sector wages.

Anonymous said...

Now twenty states have files petitions to succeed from the Union because of Pres. Obama's re-election.

The co-founder of Facebook has given up his US Citizenship and become a citizen of Singapore.
[Singapore has flat rate tax laws]

Anonymous said...

8:09 Owner of facebook is a greedy opportunist. Idiots put up those petitions. Good luck with no federal cash.

New CNMI Voter said...

I'm a strong supporter of President Obama but higher taxes will encourage investment abroad and means many more wealthy Americans will move or headquarter their companies abroad.

We need policies that encourage the afluent of other nations to invest and employee in America.

Both parties now support immgration reform but given the number of unemployed citizens, I don't expect an easy path to citizenship.

The talk of sucession is no more than sour grapes from right wing cry babies.

Anonymous said...

It is interesting that Texas has over 23k signed on the petition to peacefully succeed from the Union.
If they or any other state reaches 25k the US Govt. has to address and respond to the issue.
So how would that affect the CNMI with guys like Stanley and others that want to get away from the US? CNMI would be lucky to get a couple of hundred only, due to the small population.
Now Porto Rico has millions of population and more than 25k have voted to "succeed" from the US while other have voted for Statehood.

Well at least Obama has enough people now in congress with a little common sense to keep him in check with his spending now, unlike the CNMI ekected that has very few if any that have any idea of financial management.
But first Fitial has to go before anything else can be accomplished.

Anonymous said...

Actually, let the red states succeed. They have the least minimum wage, the most obesity, the least number of residents with health insurance and the worst schools. Let them go cuz they simply drag the rest of us down.

As far as this nonsense about higher taxes and low value to the dollar - look at Bush and not Obama for creating this mess. Four years to dig out of eight years of wasteful spending coupled with tax cuts for the wealthy and encouraging outsourcing of jobs and profits is an unreasonable expectation to which any sane person would stop clinging.

Boohoo for those ex-pats who retired in the P.I. to take advantage of that country's low tax base. Choices have consequences so live with them and stop whining.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I mean secede not succeed. Oops. Which states besides Texas anyway?

Anonymous said...

"Boohoo for those ex-pats who retired in the P.I. to take advantage of that country's low tax base. Choices have consequences so live with them and stop whining"

Your statement is very wrong in reference to taxes the reason the expats live in the Phil. The ones that are there and in the other parts of Asia and southeast Asia and other Pacific Islands along with many other countries outside of the US is because they cannot afford to live in the US and NOT because of the tax base.
These are the ones that rely on SSA and/or VA disability or retirement pensions. They do not pay any taxes on these benefits in either the US or outside of the country.
It would be advantageous to live in the US if it was possible because of the food stamps and also the Medicaid, Medicare etc.
The big problem is that many could not afford the coast of the medicare because the SSA payment is so little.
In the CNMI the power and cost of house rental or construction on out own land for many would take up more than what they get combined with little if any left for food.

Presently in the CNMI there is nothing left, no medicare, medicaid and even food stamps are very low compared to other places.
So these folks are living outside of the country do to the necessity, many not by their own choice.
Also there are only 6 banks in the Phil. that the US Govt. will deal with an no ATM direct dollar deposit or third party withdrawals.
A;ll transactions have to be done personaly and any checks cannot be cashed they have to go through collection which takes 28 days.
Even the education is far superior in the private schools along with Medical and dental compared to Guam and the CNMI.(plus the cost is only a fraction comparatively)

I live most of the time in the Phil. and I hate that place along with the incompetence on the whole but it is by far better off there than in the CNMI or Guam at this time.
The majority of the expats also do not like the place but no choice and also English language is prevalent in most areas except the provinces.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I found the six other states with enough signatures to warrant review and response by the government. Drum roll...besides Texas, Louisiana, Florida, North Carolina, Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee have submitted petitions with around 25,000 signatures or a very small percentage of the states' populations. No comment on who these wing nuts are but more to the point, like I said, lowest wages, highest illieracy, highest obesity, highest unemployment, highest welfare recipients, etc. In short, a drag on the rest of the US. Good riddance.

Anonymous said...

BTW, Texas has now over 100K signatures for that petition.
It has also been reported today that there are now "succession petitions" started in all 50 states.
It seems that so many are fed up with the antics in Washington and how they just spend the taxpayers money with nothing else getting done but spending, spending and more spending.

Anonymous said...

These secession petitions are silly. Do the petitoners have Romnesia about the Civil War? Or did they never learn it the first time?

Yeah, that's a cheap shot, too, against the free speech of those who chose to retire abroad to stretch their limited retirement pensions. I have heard Chamorro on more than one occasion in the Central Visayas.

I must say, though, that it can't be good for your mental health to "hate" the place. Try to see the good side of your retirement locale. Whether somewhere is a prison or paradise often depends on your outlook!

For future reference, what are the six banks in the Philippines to which the U.S. Government will do direct deposit of Social Security payments? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

If you actually read the petitions which are available at the White House website, you would be informed enough to know that only seven have enough signatures to warrant even a response. Several of the others are from cities such as Atlanta and Austin requesting the ability to secede from their respective states and remain with the US. Others are requesting that those states requesting secession be allowed to do so and yet others are asking that any signer of the petition be deported. It's all right there if you care to get informed.

Who decided all the issues here in the CNMI that left it in its current status - leaders in the pockets of big business just like the Republicans and some Dems in the US. Greed makes the NMI turn just like it does in DC and the PI.

Obama didn't create greed did he!

Anonymous said...

This is a great take on the bad loosers that we fondly refer to as the Republicans: