Fitial Must Resign

November 14, 2012

The recent election in the CNMI was a win for all of the people who call the islands their home. The House and Senate now have the votes to impeach Governor Fitial so that democracy and justice can be restored to the CNMI.  

It was reported that Lt. Governor Eloy Inos is ready to step into the governorship.

Will Governor Fitial respect the mandate of the people and Legislature and step down now?  If he follows his pattern of putting his personal and political agenda before the needs of the people and the Commonwealth then he will hang on to his position for as long as he can. He will use the months or weeks that it takes to hold the new impeachment hearings to make the final backdoor deals and push through the last unethical wink and nod schemes.

Dragging out the inevitable by staying in office instead of resigning will further harm the CNMI, as legislators will be focusing on impeachment rather than pressing issues. Fitial corruption has lead to economic, political and social disasters. The longer that the governor stays in office, the longer the decline and suffering will continue. It is past time to focus on the fiscal calamity, the healthcare disaster, the retirement fiasco, the mafia-like attitude that has poisoned the Department of Public Safety and the many problems with the CNMI-Only Guest Worker Program. All of the critical problems that face the CNMI have Governor Fitial's fingerprints are all over them. Governor Fitial must step down.


Anonymous said...

What mandate? If anyone, Fitial has the mandate, as only the second two-term governor in the history of the CNMI.

Though in the popular view Zaldy Dandan, Glen Dale Hunter, and Kilili Sablan turned the election into almost a recall campaign against Fitial, as a matter of constitutional law it was not.

This anti-Fitial campaign was nothing more than a platform to focus on economic dissatisfaction, stoke emotions, and raise a mob against a scapegoat -- nothing new in the CNMI -- to distract from the campaigners' lack of substantive accomplishments of their own on the economic front.

The desparation and lack of merit to the impeachment allegations is demonstrated by their shear number, including frivolous issues like postponing a judicial appointment at the nominee's request; not firing the AG for a lapse that even the U.S. DoJ Office of Special Counsel determined merited a warning letter rather than prosecution; the wise and prudent use of alternative medical resources nowhere proscribed by the MOA between DoC and the USMS, looked into by the District Court, and not pursued further by the USAO; the award of the ARRA contract, on the advice of counsel and without timely OPA objection, for the benefit of the CNMI; and other marginal allegations.

The perpetuation of the crab bucket mentality will get the CNMI nowhere.

It is time to find solutions, not scapegoats.

Follow the rules!

The Saipan Blogger said...

Spin it how you want, but election results don't lie.

Anonymous said...

It seems that you are very worried about your political job.
You have a very serious problem with tunnel vision and "Status Quo" syndrome.
It seems that you have been unable to comprehend the rest of the impeachable offenses or too blinded or too illiterate to understand them.

The "16 offenses" listed are only a few of the many and it only takes ONE for conviction for the Gov to be impeached.

In regards to Fitial"s rel-election, he "bought" that election by many illegal activities. If his appointed election officials and DPS among many more had of been doing their jobs he would not have won. (and only by hundreds of votes)

In reference to the Feds not prosecuting, as has been the practice with them, they pick and chose their battles.
They have much more bigger fish to fry.
As has been the general "island style" from the past the people only vote for family based on how many cases of beer, chicken, tents and tables are "donated" to them.

It seems that only NOW our people are waking up and looking at how these incompetent elected have been taking advantage of them over the years.

Before the CNMI can ever move forward this incompetent crook of a Gov. has got to go then the rest of his Mafia will follow suit.
With Inos as Gov. I would predict that one of the first things on his agenda would be to get rid of the Ogumoro Brothers at DPS (he already fired one of them twice) along with many of the other convicted felons and then move on to corrections and the rest of the Govt. agencies.

BTW in regards to a new oil fired power plant that was signed by the Gov. in secret against others best judgment, that is criminal in itself.
Also by the year 2015 the present CUC power plant will have to come into compliance with the exhaust emissions which the Commonwealth will never be able to achieve due to the cost.
Guam recognizes that with their power plants and are already starting to move to cleaner fuel (natural Gas)at a high cost.But cheaper than the other costs associated with cleaning up their oil fired plants.

Seems you had better start looking for another job, if you are at all qualified for anything but licking boots. Maybe you could be a house worker for the ex-Gov. in his mansion in the US mainland.