Something to Be Thankful For This Thanksgiving Day!

November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Today we truly have something to be thankful for. We are all thankful that USCIS has extended parole to any CNMI foreign worker with a legal spouse, unmarried child under 21 or parent (regardless of the age of your child) of a United States citizen.

It is time (really past time) for the United States Government to do the right thing by all legal, longterm foreign workers in the CNMI –to grant them green cards and a pathway to citizenship.

With bipartisan support now growing for immigration reform, I believe the time is ripe for the legal CNMI foreign workers to be granted updated status.

I urge everyone who qualifies for a parole extension to apply immediately. There is no cost for the application. See below:


Anonymous said...

Ms Wendy..I have a u.s. Citizen child and. I don't have any parole because I'm presently have a job but my CW status is still pending to be specific proof of evidence status. What if my CW got denied because of that reason can I apply for humanitarian parole?after the denial

Anonymous said...

USCIS needs to be sued in Federal court. Our country is sliding into another recession and they want to continue the cheap labor and a pathway to whatever. Welfare is running out in the US. One day and probably sooner than later EBT cards will stop working. The majority of these people are well into their late to early fifties with little chance of getting work in the US. There is little work here on Saipan for them. We are a food stamp nation.

Wendy Doromal said...

4:07 I think you should ask the ombudsman or USCIS if you should apply while you are waiting. I am unsure of the answer. Happy Thanksgiving and my best to you and your family.

Anonymous said...

unfair decision...but its ok 4 food stamp poor most lazy local people.well happy thanks unfair giving this human right in ur powerful nation...ur system abusing foreign workers.most of all employer/local people taking advantage of.its call slave/totally unfair CW-1 system.them life became slavery/abused/discriminated because of u guys...its contined from last how many decades.its time to change and this is the truth..god bless USA

Anonymous said...

Wendy, according to "Newsmax" this morning, the GOP is ready to vote during their "lame duck session on the STEM bill in regards to some parts of immigration reform.

Anonymous said...

11:48,while I am sympathetic to the CW plight and their abuse by these employers doing business in the NMI, including the private individuals that employ house workers, which are probably the biggest abusers of all.

All over the world where they employ foreign workers there is much abuse and many countries are sending outside workers home due to their people uprising due to unemployment for their own citizens.

Many foreign workers have returned to their home countries or have moved on to other countries to work abroad due to bad conditions in one particular area, while some countries have established "worker reform" that include foreign workers rights and protection from "bad" employers.

I have past employees and friends that have moved around to other countries because of poor work conditions.

If you do not like it in the CNMI best to move on as there are many other countries that have better working conditions along with better wages for "skilled" workers.
BTW, most of these countries do not offer a route to Citizenship while some such as Canada, New Zealand, and Australia do.

As a US Cit. I have worked most of my life in Asia and Pacific area because of the money and not to gain in other areas.

In another way to look at this is if the CW were to leave then this also would be a wake up call to these present employers, which by the way are mostly foreign owned in the CNMI.

I would predict that many of these business will be the last year for them to be in the CNMI as they have to conform to US Regs.such as minimum of employees and so much investment along with other conditions.
When these business leave by the end of next year there will be more loss of CW jobs.

Wendy Doromal said...

8:55 8:55 Yes, I know, but the green cards are for only for immigrants with degrees in science, engineering and math. This does not impact the majority of the immigrants who need status. There is talk that the bill may not pass the Senate because the Democrats want comprehensive immigration reform -the whole picture, not a brush stroke. What Republicans want to do is end the diversity visa lottery where 50,000 green cards are given out to residents with a high school degree from countries who have few immigrants to the U.S. They'd give these lottery green cards to immigrants with high level degrees.