The Tide Has Risen in the CNMI...

November 6, 2012

...and it looks like most of Governor Fitial's co-conspirators have been swept out to sea in the CNMI election. Seventy-five percent of the CNMI voters turned out to vote their consciences.

U.S. Delegate Gregorio (Kilili) Sablan overwhelmingly defeated Fitial's candidate, Dr. Ignacia Demapan, in a 9,829 to 2,503 landslide garnering over 79% of the votes (unofficial).  The Marianas Variety reports that Kilili received the most votes in CNMI history!

The noble nine who pushed for reform and the governor's impeachment all acquired the top votes in their respective races! The CNMI people (at least those who are franchised)  have spoken. Their message – impeach Fitial, end corruption, restore justice and reform the CNMI.

The Marianas Variety reports that only 4 of the 20 Fitial House candidates were elected. Adios to Speaker Eli Cabrera, Reps.Stanley Torres, Frederick P. Deleon Guerrero, Sylvestre Iguel, and Ramon Basa.

Only in Rota did Fitial's candidates get elected. Victor Hocog beat out long-time incumbent Senator Paul Manglona and Terisita Santos beat out Felix Santos.

Also, passing was an amendment calling for an elected Attorney General, which can also be seen as another call for reform.

See the CNMI Elections website for all races.

Rising Tide founder and anti-corruption advocate Glen Hunter was quoted by the Marianas Variety:
"So many great people set an example for this CNMI for so many years. They planted the seeds of hope and change. What we see before us today is a grand harvest of what has sprung from those seeds. I am so thankful for all the hardships they endured and the perseverance and determination they showed. I am so proud to witness firsthand this rising tide of hope for the CNMI."
Glen's facebook page states, "The people haven't spoken...they have SHOUTED...FINISH IT! Indeed, it looks like impeachment will be on the agenda once again in January.

Congratulations to the people of the CNMI. May this election herald the restoration of justice and the end of political corruption to the beautiful Mariana Islands.

Now may there be a similar outcome in the U.S. tonight...


Captain said...

The fallout from this may be great.
Be prepared for the wrath of this Fitial and his Mafia, the writing is on the wall.
I would be willing to bet that Fitial will start to get rid of many Govt. workers that he suspected of not supporting him and his puppets. (I hope any will take this to court if it happens)
I would also not be surprised if Fitial does not start Pardoning or releasing many of the convicted criminals [much like Castro did years ago to flood them into Florida]
The rest of these outgoing will most likely try to inflict more damage on the NMI and it's people before they leave office.(especially Stanley)
It is too bad that there was not enough choices on the ballot in regards to retaining Ogumoro and Santos (Rota)
But this may at least "declaw" Ogumoro to an exstent, but her incompetence and interference will still be problematic until Fitial can be removed.
When if Fitial can be removed the rest of the cards may also fall within a few months, IF Inos has the gonads to clean house.
Lets see the aftermath. This may be the calm before the storm.
I truly hope that the Feds will come and get involved and prosecute Fitial's Mafia, starting with him.
Now that would be the icing on the cake.

I had my doubts if the voters would actually go and get rid of the do nothing elected as in the past it was only all talk and no action.
I am glad that I was wrong and the voters actually came through.

Thank to Glen, Tina, Ed and the many others that kept the pressure on and exposed and made known so much of what has been going on in the CNMI.
Now maybe we can start the move forward.

Wendy Doromal said...

Yes, Captain, thanks to Glen, Tina Ed and the others who inspired people to vote to end corruption!

If Fitial is smart he will not try any more dirty tricks. I have a feeling the next one may be his last. People are watching...

Rising Tide said...

The RISING TIDE had people on every poll from 7 till 7 with Glen driving to each with food, drinks, and needed phone lists, and it looked liked voters appreciated the protection.

As for the goon squad and the nutty lady that cried, begged, and screamed for her father at the hearing, all I can say is, "if you guys are selling crazy, we're all stocked up here"

Fitial will turn his sights to the Senate for impeachment protection as the minority hold on it has changed. Victor is pro Fitial, and both him and Jovita Taimanao could be bought for a handful of silver. Remember Victor past posted Rota Resort for a load of dough and then had CDA give him a loan which he never made a single payment before he lost his last million in PI on a cock fight. And Jovie is twice the crook with half the brain.

Wendy Doromal said...

11:26 I think this election shows that there are the votes for a recall.

Sad about Rota supporting corruption, but not a surprise.

In Florida the polls closed at 7:00 (21/2 hours ago) and my son's girlfriend is STILL in line.

Anonymous said...

Thank you RISING TIDE and all of its volunteers

Anonymous said...

hafa adai,gov. now saying that put politics on side and think about cnmi,ha ha so funny isn't he really think about people of cnmi? not at all,he failed because of his corrupted dirty mind..when u abuse the good people then your power will fly away.shame on him...lets impeach this corrupted mafiya whole channel..and must be investigation by FBI his whole panel..they must be send right place and its call monkey house...amen

Anonymous said...

Biba Glen Dale Hunter!

Recall Now!

See N.M.I. Const. art. IX, § 3.

Anonymous said...

Does Rising Tide have a website, Facebook page or an email newsletter? I'm interested, but even though I've looked I can't find anything except Mr. Hunter's FB page, which requires "friending".