Time for the U.S. Attorney General to Investigate DPS

December 9, 2012

With an acting police commissioner who has an active warrant for his arrest and is a lawbreaker and several other former or current criminals on the police force does anyone actually think of the CNMI Department of Public Safety as anything but the governor's personal thug squad?

It is past time that the U.S. Attorney General investigate the CNMI Department of Public Safety. Not only has this department been unable to solve murders or release information on the nearly year-old murder of Emie Romero, but routine burglaries remain unsolved.

Just yesterday a teenager was terrorized by a police officer who pulled her over, pointed a gun at her and demanded she step out of the vehicle.  The Marianas Variety reported:
The girl “froze” when she saw the police officer pointing his gun at her and ordering her to step out of her vehicle. 
“Get out of the car, move over to the end of the vehicle, and lean against it!” the officer told the girl while still pointing the gun at her.
The police officer then ordered the girl to look straight ahead after she tried looking at his face, cussing at her and uttering profanities. 
Around this time, a female police officer arrived in a marked police vehicle. 
The police woman asked the teen what she did and the victim replied, “I don’t know.” 
The policewoman then spoke to the police officer in Carolinian. 
Afterward, the police officer apologized to the victim, who was crying, while the policewoman told her to calm down before driving her vehicle.
The girl's family reported the outrageous incident, which supposedly will be  investigated" by internal affairs.

Any chance of a serious investigation that results in consequences for the offending Carolinian officer are extremely doubtful. Former DPS Commissioner Ramon Mafnas made threats to innocent civilians; DPS officer Jesse Dubrall brutally beat an innocent Chinese foreign worker. What happened to these DPS officials?  Mafnas became Commissioner of the Department of Corrections.  Jesse Dubrall was hired at the Office of the Public Auditor and recently reinstated to the DPS. The victims remain victims denied of justice.

No one should forget that several DPS officials, allegedly under orders of Governor Fitial, aided and abetted former Attorney General Edward Buckingham's attempt to avoid being served a penal summons.  Buckingham remains a fugitive with warrants having been issued for his arrest. None of the police officials who used federally funded vehicles and equipment to help the former AG flee and assaulted a KSPN news reporter during the incident have faced any  consequences for their outrageous acts.

Unless federal officials step in no one will be safe in the CNMI.

On Thursday last week a young child was not picked up from Mount Carmel School. The incident was reported to the DYS and to the DPS. The child was taken into custody by the Department of Youth Services.

Astoundingly, no law enforcement agency went to the child's San Vicente house until days later on Saturday to discover the brutally murdered bodies of the parents. Why days later?

A school official described the parents as devoted parents and said he "knew something was not right when they did not show up" to pickup their child. Why didn't law enforcement officers immediately go to the house to investigate?

The couple was reportedly tied up with one victim strangled and the other shot. Their vehicle was located at Microl Beach.

It was reported that federal agencies, including the F.B.I., are now involved in the murders of the Chinese couple. Still, the F.B.I. was called into Emie's murder case. The DNA evidence has already been processed and still no arrest has been made. In early October 2012 former acting CNMI AG Viola Alepeyo stated that she would hold a press conference discuss what was happening with that case. She failed to keep that promise.

If the CNMI expects to attract investors or tourists, the island needs to have a local law enforcement agency that can function. It does not.


Anonymous said...

I suspect that the biggest problem when the FBI is eventually called in is that any evidence is contaminated by these bungling incompetent first responder cops.
Most of these cops will themselves ransack the premise and look for valuables before reporting back and requesting support.

Anonymous said...

The Russian and Chinese mafia is running rampant in the CNMI. They set up legit businesses to launder money from Vladivostok to Beijing. This is well known. Payoffs, prostitution and drugs. The CNMI is nothing more than an offshore bank to these mobsters and it will continue until the FBI actually does something about it. Oh they got Timothy V. on selling industrial cleaner and sent him away for eight years. Wow. Chinese and Russian gangsters control DPS while FBI agents go windsurfing and occasionally get run off the island by DC headquarters. There was a real hostage situation a few years ago. Chinese workers took hostages. Where was the FBI? What about Federal charges? Nothing happened. They showed up like Fox and Muller from X Files in their blue coats then went home. Start arresting the Russian and Chinese gangsters and corruption might just go away.

Anonymous said...

Very well said, 4:10 AM!

Maybe, before they know it, there's illegal drugs manufacturing here. Like in Philippines were Chinese rent houses at exclusive villages and turn them into illegal drug laboratories. I just can't believe these things are happening on US soil! Chinese and Russians mafia are probably laughing hard now.

Anonymous said...

To the above comments.
There is also the Japanese "Yakuza" involvement along with Korean Mafia including much of the prostitution. all supported by this present Gov. and his Mafia.
Maybe eventually when everything falls we all will know the full extent of this Gov. and many of the elected along with the drug dealing DPS and other Govt. agencies.

Anonymous said...

There are already multiple meth labs operating. It's too easy. The Triads take care of most of the drug trade while the Russian mafia controls money laundering. Why would the Chinese take a risk cooking meth in the CNMI on US soil ? Simple, the punishment isn't there nor is the investigation. In China you get a bullet to the head for dealing meth. Just look at former lawyer Sam R. His Chinese Triad wife was beaten to death on the beach for meth related deals gone bad. Look to Chinese stores that import Sudafed type decongestant from China. It has the main ingredient for meth. It's illegal in the US without a prescription but this is the CNMI where people can stow mass amounts of it in luggage. While that useless midget from the DEA spends a million on helicopter assaults on some pot plants which lead to nowhere the Triads deal ice to cops and lawmakers. That's why the lawmakers refuse a drug test as well as DPS. Too many ice heads.
To put things into perspective, that cop who was shaking down illegal Chinese taxi drivers was caught ON VIDEO and found not guilty. He's now an elected official. The g-men from the FBI were dumbfounded or just dumb.

The CNMI DPS can be compared to the Pakistani military. We don't trust them one bit but we are forced to work with them anyway and give them our full financial support.

Anonymous said...

December 12, 2012 4:10 AM
Anonymous said...

The Russian and Chinese mafia is running rampant in the CNMI.... The CNMI is nothing more than an offshore bank to these mobsters and it will continue until the FBI actually does something about it.... FBI agents go windsurfing and occasionally get run off the island by DC headquarters. There was a real hostage situation a few years ago. Chinese workers took hostages. Where was the FBI? What about Federal charges? Nothing happened....

Federal prosecutions must follow the evidence, and must be for violations of federal law. When there was a jail hostage-taking of Chinese inmates on 7 March 1999, several people got federal prison terms of 21, 21, 15, 15, and 10 years.



Not every case that is reported in the CNMI newspapers meets the standard of proof “beyond a reasonable doubt”.

In the labor negotiation “hostage-taking” when Pamela Sue Brown was CNMI AG, there was video footage of the event. Neither that nor testimony obtained were sufficient to prove an offense.

The FBI & USAO cannot make up evidence. They rely on the available facts, which in turn depend on what individual residents see and are willing to report. If you have knowledge of a crime, please call the FBI at (670) 322-6934.

BTW, the allegations against former AG Edward Taylor Buckingham, III are merely misdemeanors. Hence, they would not be the highest federal priority, particularly absent local funding for the expenses involved.

Prosecution of those involved in Buckingham's “escape” will require evidence from the inside as to what actually happened. Appearances can be very deceiving.