♥ Foreign Worker News: The House Moves on Immigration

January 29, 2013

The long overdue push for immigration reform is advancing quickly.

ABC News reports that, like the Senate, the House also has a group of bi-partisan lawmakers who are on the verge of releasing their own immigration plan. The membership of the group has been kept secret according to Speaker Boehner who said that "they have been meeting for three or four years now and that they are almost ready to present their proposals publicly."

It is reported that both Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and President Obama have been advised regularly of the group's progress on an immigration bill. The group has been meeting regularly for up to two to three times a week.

From ABC News:
Multiple sources say those involved in the talks include Democratic Reps. Xavier Becerra (California), Luis Gutierrez (Illinois), Zoe Lofgren (California), and Republican Reps. Mario Diaz-Balart (Florida), Sam Johnson (Texas) and John Carter (Texas). Spokespersons for each congressional office refused to confirm or deny their representative’s participation in the talks on the record. Additional members have also participated, according to sources intimately involved in the talks. 
. . . .Sources said that the talks are so far along, there are draft proposals written into legislation language awaiting final approval before the plan is introduced in the House. One source hinted that the group’s proposal could be unveiled in the days surrounding the president’s State of the Union address, which is scheduled Feb. 12.
Many are waiting anxiously to hear President Obama's address on immigration reform. He will address a crowd in Las Vegas, Nevada in an hour.