Hillblom Documentary to Air January 17th

January 13, 2013

Shadow Billionaire, a documentary about pedophile and Saipan businessman Larry Hillblom, will be televised on CNBC on January 17, 2013 at 9:00 pm EST.

The sleazy entrepreneur and founder of DHL made Saipan his home before his death in an airplane crash in 1995. Hillblom reportedly spent much of his time as an Asian sex tourist picking up dozens of underage Asian bar girls for sex. He would pay huge sums for virgins. After Hillblom's death, 4 illegitimate children were among those who fought for a share of his estimated $600 million estate.

The program review reads:
DHL co-founder Larry Hillblom vanished into thin air one day during a routine flight over the Pacific. But even before this enigmatic billionaire was declared dead, bar girls throughout Southeast Asia came forward claiming to have had his children, and seeking a piece of his vast fortune. Shadow Billionaire unravels the bizarre life of this reclusive tycoon. The battle over his estate took on epic proportions, pitting impoverished teenage prostitutes against Larry's high-powered former business associates and several of the largest law firms in the world - until the shocking truth emerged.
Some of Guam and Saipan's well known attorneys, businessmen and politicians are featured in the film.

Watch the trailer:


Anonymous said...

Sleazy man surrounded by sleazy lawyers. Drugs, children and money surrounded Larry and his attorneys. BTW one of the attorneys who later sued Hilbloom then later "produced" a random child from the PI was paid off and then left island. This lawyer is one of the sleaziest of them all yet is wholly supported by a couple of famous "activists" on Saipan!

Wendy Doromal said...

3:54 And the attorney who "activists" supported is...????? Why are you protecting him/her?

Anonymous said...

I know some sleazy Saipan lawyers connected with this who made a ton of money and really would like to see them on film. They have kept a low profile for many years.

Norma Sablan-Warwick said...

HA!lets see if they are mentioned in this so called documentary..lets see how accurate it..or is it just what they want us to see???

norma sablan

Norma Sablan-Warwick said...

do we really know what happened to LARRY? or are we being prepared to learn the truth, that he is alive and living well somewhere on this earth.That he just needed to disappear for awhile to do some damage control??? do we really know? and should we ask again???WHERE IS LARRY HILBLUM?

Anonymous said...

The lawyer referenced in comment #1 is likely Bruce Lee Jorgensen, who lived in his friend Larry Lee Hillblom’s pool house while Judge Munson’s 1989-90 law clerk. He was aboard the small plane Hillblom crashed and flipped on Tinian, resulting in a lawsuit. [There is no reasonable doubt about the 1995 seaplane crash; Hillblom was a would-be pilot without valid aviation credentials himself.]

Jorgensen was involved in an alleged DUI accident that injured or killed a contract worker in the early 1990s (pre-internet for Saipan media sources); an alien girlfriend claimed to have been the driver. The case against Jorgensen was pled down to an infraction by AAG James E. Hollman, a classmate of Jorgensen at college or law school, during his last days at the OAG.

Subsequent to his well-chronicled work for a Hillblom heir, Jorgensen has fancied himself as a “social activist” on behalf of would-be asylum seekers, NMIRF members, and against Willie Tan, “BenTan”, and their minions, cronies, puppets, clowns, and associates (in the very broadest definition of the word).

His four-year asylum lawsuit against the feds and CNMI did nothing for his clients. Asylum still does not apply in the CNMI. 48 U.S.C. § 1806(a)(7). Worse, the lawsuit delayed by several years the non-refoulement protection to have been implemented by CNMI Attorneys General Herbert D. Soll, Robert Tenorio Torres, Ramona Villagomez Manglona, and Pamela Sue Brown in the days when the CNMI still controlled its own immigration.

Likewise, the Betty Johnson lawsuit over the NMIRF, originally filed in 2009 by Jorgensen, has greatly reduced the viability of the Fund by sharply limiting the possibility of restructuring the over-generous NMIRF benefits in line with the CNMI’s ability to pay.

However, in the people’s struggle against the Fitialites, Jorgensen may have hit pay-dirt. Bruce does indeed remain a favorite of the noteworthy Saipan activist/ opinion leader couple and their political allies.

Anonymous said...

As 8:16 points out, Jorgensen was my first thought after reading this article.I knew him very well, both privately and publicly as he also represented me in some things.
I remember him when I went out in his group after the payoff from the trust suit, always having a few Palauans accompanying him as body guards.
I also have been around to witness a few times problems created by Jorgensen at local restaurants and clubs after he had been drinking.(As well at private functions and meetings)

Anonymous said...

About the only fact 8:16 got right about Jorgensen was the spelling of his name. Most of the rest is false. Estagblishing 8:16 as a liar. Same with 9:33 who not only wrote lies but, is an ingrate aw well, writing false stuff now but, when 9:33 needed a lawyer or freeloading at restaurants, then relying on Jorgensen for legal advice and free meals, drinks, etc.

And both 8:16 and 9:33 are cowards. The write false stuff about Jorgensen without using their real names, knowing they will be sued for defamation, etc. if they reveal their names as writers of the false stuff.

How typical of the chicken hearted.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps I don't know Jorgensen as well as some, but I have known Jorgensen well enough to KNOW the following lies 8:16 wrote:

Hollman was not a Jorgensen classmate at either college or law school.

Hollman was not employed at the OAG as AAG or in any other capacity when the incident occurred.

No alien girlfriend claimed to be involved in the alleged DUI ultimately reduced by the CNMI's attorneys to a property damage matter.

The asylum, refugee, torture lawsuits Jorgensen filed were resolved in his clients' favor. This permitted a man illegally locked up for 24 months by the CNMI to be freed. And a Chinese mother to stay in the CNMI with her 2 kids after the PRC government forced her to be sterilized in China. And forced the CNMI to let the kids go to public school which the CNMI fought. And many other examples.

Those lawsuits also forced the CNMI and Feds to create a system to dea with such claims. And brought about the U.S. takeover of CNMI immigration amidst longterm and blatant CNMI/garment industry abuses.


Anonymous said...

Also, 8:16 lies about the Retirement Fund lawsuit Jorgensen filed---another OUTSTANDING joby by JORGENSEN!

He was the ONLY lawyer willing to do ANYTHING for the retirees in the courts.

And like the asylum, refugee, and torture cases, everyone said he would lose in the U.S. courts, but so he has won EVERYTHING so far in the trial court, the Ninch Circuit Court, and got the Bankruptcy Court to throw out the unlawful Fund bankruptcy effort contrived by former Asst. OAG Braddock Jon Huesman and Huesman's law school classmate Jeremy Coffey from Boston which cost the Fund and beneficiaries, how much, a MILLION or so in worthless attorney fees.

If not for JORGENSEN, the illegal bankruptcy, and the illegal try by disgraced and impeached former CNMI Gover Benigno Fitial to shut the Fund down would have been done last year.


Boo-hoo to the naysayers like 8:16 who sound like the lawyers whose dagans (butts) JORGENSEN kicked, like disgraced former and current lawyers working for the CNMI Attorney General's office-that list is long, but should include folks like Zachares, Goldberg, Baka, Huesman, and their ilk.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, and 9:33, Jorgensen NEVER had any Palauans as body guards. He didn't need any bodyguards cuz he could have been a bodyguard himself. He played rugby for the Saipan team and the friends he went around with were Tongan and Samoan and Fijian, not Palauan. But you don't know your islander ethnicities any better than you know Jorgensen, do you?

And of course those in favor of CNMI reform LOVE Jorgensen because he is one of the only CNMI lawyers willing to take on hard matters needed to force reform by the U.S. Court. That is why so-called activists, and the overwhelming majority who know him, admire and appreciate his efforts on behalf of the downtrodden against the ingrained CNMI corruptness.