Impeachment and Then...?

January 15, 2013

A new impeachment resolution to oust CNMI Governor Benigno Fitial has been pre-filed in the CNMI House.  This time the impeachment resolution has 18 charges: 5 corruption charges, 9 charges of neglect and 4 for commission of a felony.

The resolution was signed by 16 representatives.  Only 14 votes are needed to pass the House and then the issue will be taken up in the Senate where 6 votes are needed.

The Senate is reportedly preparing for the impeachment trial.  According to Governor Fitial's press secretary Angel Demapan, the governor is preparing his defense.

Really though, what defense could there be for a governor breaking the law to take a federal prisoner from lockup to give him a midnight massage? What defense is there for sending a thug squad to help your Attorney General flee from a court summons, while roughing up a female reporter in the process? What defense is there for sweetheart deals, backdoor contracts, and self enrichment? What defense is there for tripping around the world while the Retirement Fund tanks, CHC edges towards bankruptcy and crisis after crisis is left unattended? The governor has no defense, but his excuses should provide entertainment.

If impeachment is a certainty in 2013, and it appears that it is, then attention should focus on what steps must be taken to ensure that lasting reform is instituted in the CNMI .

There are critical issues that affect all the people of the CNMI –the citizens and the de facto citizens (legal, long-time foreign workers). What plan will a new administration push for the future of the CNMI?

Will there be a plan to:
  • End nepotism and political hirings; to put only the most qualified and skilled personnel in government positions?
  • Eliminate unnecessary government positions?
  • Ensure fair elections?
  • Separate the Office of the Attorney General from the governor's grip and redefine its mission?
  • Clean up DPS and ensure that all of the local law enforcement agencies are protecting the public rather than covering up and participating in illegalities of their political allies?
  • End backdoor deals and clean up the procurement process?
  • Push for legal, long-term workers to be made whole by granting them a pathway to citizenship?
  • Get serious about raising revenue, including looking at taxes?
  • Create a state of the art health care system?
  • Prioritize education and the well-being of children?
  • Clean up and beautify the islands by removing decrepit and abandoned buildings, and sleazy businesses that detract tourists?
  • . . . 
If the end of the Fitial reign is to truly bring about an end to the corruption and suffering, then all of the people who demanded reform cannot just celebrate an impeachment, but will have to dig in to work to rebuild a CNMI that is worthy of the people who call it home.


Anonymous said...

After an impeachment I seriously doubt if much will change. I think it will be the same with different players leading.
I do expect some changes immediately after such an impeachment. But I also expect Fitial to be directing his remaining cohorts much from behind the scenes.
The graft and corruption are too far imbedded in these elected to actually do the right thing.
Even if Inos (which I do not trust either)starts to clean out Fitial's den of thieves, Mafia and the rest of his Fitialites, there are too many other imbedded that change sides (on the surface)at the drop of the hat.

IF in fact Inos actually was to attempt to "clean up" the whole Govt. it would take him many years and he would have to have help from actual responsible educated caring people that would work for the benefit of all instead of themselves and a few "preferred" acquaintances.
Where are you going to find those people?

Any advancements will also take the co-operation of the full force of the elected.
Just how many of these elected have any comprehension of what real management and reform is? How many of these have the expertise to actually enact any changes that are meaningful and will bring positive changes?
Will this 18th legislators actually attempt to do what they profess and calim they will? (as after every election they all state) or will these people just fall back into sleep as is the norm and wake up just before the next election?
We shall see. I hope that I am wrong in y predictions. Prove me wrong please. Six month down the road we shall see.

How many in the private sector (and Govt.) will actually follow any realistic plan? The private sector is not blameless in the demise of the CNMI.They are a major participant.

One thing that may come out of this is that the many that will come into power may have learned how NOT to make the same mistakes as Fitial.(on the surface)
These few may have learned how to keep their graft and self serving ways undercover and not flaunt it in the people's faces as Fitial and his Mafia has done, especially on his present term in office.

BTW, Wendy, have you seen "Rubio's Outlines Bold Immigration Reform Plan" Giving the more than 12 mil. aliens to give them legal status?
[Newsmax Mon. 14. 2013]
Also Obamacare will more than double Health care insurance premiums

Wendy Doromal said...

Anonymous 9:28

I have some of the same concerns you stated.

Yes, I did read about Rubio's proposal. Looks like a great deal of hoops, but the 12 M are undocumented. Let's see how he would treat 12,000 LEGAL aliens who have been working on US soil for years.

Anonymous said...

Any proposal to reduce the Government will result in impeachment of whomever is the Governor. Even if Fitial is impeached that won't matter. There are convicted felons in those that were recently elected. The noble 9 has their own felons. Except for a few they are all crooks. The reason why you hear Diego talk about impeachment is because he himself was left out of the money game.

Anonymous said...

Fitial is getting impeached soon. It is going to happen. Will it solve all the problems created by him? This is something better than nothing. Fairness needs to be equally considered for all people living in CNMI. It requires a team to have anything developed. CNMI will prosper if long-term alien workers are granted a pathway to US citizenship. I believe Mr. Kililo is so interested to have it into his bill, So CNMI can have a strong workforce what is badly needed to turn the CNMI economy around. CNMI lawmakers need to help Mr. Kilili to make this a reality before Dec 31, 2014. Time is ticking toward a better future for CNMI. Take a decision now.