Ogumoro Needs to Get Real!

January 16, 2013

DPS party photos from social network site featuring alcohol.

Days after a police officer shot his girl friend and then killed himself with a government-issued firearm at Acting Police Commisioner Ambrosio T. Ogumoro's bar, Ogumoro blamed a "lack of funds" for the reason there were no drug and alcohol intervention and counseling programs at CNMI's Department of Public Safety.  If people's lives were not at stake because of the incompetence and horrendous leadership within the department, his remarks might even be funny.

Unfortunately, the corrupt state of DPS jeopardizes public safety so Ogumoro's remarks can only be classified as ignorant and insulting. In fact, they are insulting not just to the living, but to the murder victims whose cases were never solved and arrests were never made.

Ogumoro possesses a ridiculous amount of hypocrisy and audacity to blame the lack of programs within DPS on the "lack of funds."  He failed to acknowledge the fact that by owning a bar, he contributes to the problem. He also failed to acknowledge that DPS promotes drinking at their social gatherings and events.

Ogumoro owns True North Bar, which has been the scene of several recent deaths and fights involving police officers and other law enforcement personnel. A few days ago Officer Josef Deleon Guerrero shot his girlfriend and then fatally shot himself in the parking lot of True North.

There are reports that a DPS Christmas celebration resulted in a violent fight between DPS personnel at True North. From a comment on my previous post:
"DPS held their annual Christmas Party at True North Bar. At the party things got out of control. It all started when an officer got jealous of his wife who was flirting with someone. Then another officer choked his wife and one of the firefighters who witness the the choking try to help the wife of the Officer and get him to stop choking her. The police were eventually called and they responded to Ambrosio's bar. They say a report was put together but has since been disregarded and has never been made public. To date no one has mentioned these incidents and Ambrosio has covered them up."
Previous to that, in November 2012 a Filipino employee of the bar was found dead there at 3am. If Ogumoro truly wants put an end to alcohol problems on the police force, he should close down his bar.

As I chronicled in a previous post, there have been numerous reports domestic violence connected to drunken law enforcement officials.

Ambrosio and the DPS administrators need to take the blame for encouraging alcohol and turning a blind eye to drug use.  Look at some of these photos I found on a social network site. There depict scenes from a DPS party held in 2009 and police officers drinking at what appears to be a bar:

Alcohol on table at DPS gathering

Identified as Josef (Deleon Guerrero), TJ and Mav

Identified on the social media site as Jackson Jack and Sgt. J. Suares
Officer Rhonda John who shot off her DPS-issued gun during a domestic
dispute with Officer Cepeda.

Identified on the site as Sgt. J. Suares and
Frankie Pangelinian. Pangelinian was charged by the US Government 
with excessive force and false arrest of two individuals.

Caption on the social media site: TJ Yang "Police gone wild! LMAO"
Identified as "Tag" and "Jac"
Acting CNMI Department of Public Safety Commissioner Ambrosio Ogumoro's
bar. Photo from Marianas Variety.

Caption on social media site reads: "Jess and wifey"
Caption on the social media site reads: "Kilili and Dave"
If these photos were posted on a social website in the states, heads would roll. This is not the best way to represent a local law enforcement agency.

I hope Ogumoro's whine about a "lack of funds" isn't a preface for a request for federal funds, because I, for one, will not tolerate one more federal penny being granted to such a corrupt agency. What the department really needs is a thorough investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice. What are they waiting for?!

How can DPS solve its alcohol and drug problem?
  • Drug test all personnel upon hiring, and drug test them every few months with unannounced drug tests.
  • Do not appoint a person to the position of police commissioner if he/she owns a bar, is involved with drugs, or has a prior criminal record.
  • Do not hire or reinstate DPS employees with present or past criminal records or substance abuse problems.
  • Do not promote alcohol and drinking at DPS parties.
  • No more coverups of police domestic disputes, drinking brawls and drug use.
  • Stop wasting money on escapades and corrupt police activities like aiding and abetting the Attorney General to flee the commonwealth and avoid being served a court summons.


Anonymous said...

If a picture says a thousand words then DPS has a bigger problem than we thought.

Anonymous said...

Very strange that a CNMI gov agency such as DPS still allows alcohol at agency functions. Most gov agencies stopped this practice as ordered by the AG's Office due to liability and legal issues as far back as 2001.

Anonymous said...

If you watch old movies you see officials with a corrupt police force and mafia guy with the restaurant or bar. In this real life situation the officials are the mafia people with the bar. The police chief has a police party at his mafia bar! What a joke the CNMI is. And we expect more tourists? This place will be on a watch list soon.

Anonymous said...

These cops are also carrying guns and getting drunk. Did they have designated drivers? What about those signs paid for by Federal money warning people not to drink and drive? These aren't real police officers by any stretch of the imagination. They are security guards at best with arresting powers.

Anonymous said...

A warning to those who oppose their employer(s): these mafia cops have a license to kill. There are no video cameras and no witnesses. Given an order these animals would not hesitate to put a bullet in someone. They draw their guns on each other, imagine what you would mean to them. If you want to know why no murders are ever solved look no further than the DPS. If you are a big mouth you just might get pulled over on a dark street somewhere. If this happens call 911 immediately or someone who can be a witness as to where you are.
Missing guns. They're everywhere on Saipan. AR15s and pistols are in the hands of killers. A lot of these weapons once were in the possession of the police but now are "missing". They are assassination guns now most likely being used or will be used by cops hired out to carry out a contract kill. Everyone knows that 98% of the cops are on ice. Mix in a low pay check is a recipe for extreme violence. Shake downs, beat downs are much more common than you think. Think about it this way. You make 18k a year with six kids to feed and clothe. What else would they do?

Anonymous said...

These cops aided fugitive Buckingham through airport security. If the Feds haven't already realized this, they crossed into Federal jurisdiction while helping a wanted man escape justice. That in of itself is grounds for indictments.

Anonymous said...

off duty police officers, like anyone else can enjoy an adult beverage. If it is an "official" DPS funded and sanctioned event conducted during duty hours then there should be no liquer. Officers should not be armed if they are drinking or in an establishment whose primary purpose is the selling of liquer. Nor should they be drinking if on duty, DPS should have a policy in place that states that, as most other law enforcement agencies do...otherwise if off duty and unarmed they can enjoy drink like any other person. We need to be careful as these pictures do not detail if any of these officers are, 1. armed
2. on duty
3. attending a DPS 'sanctioned event or a private party.

We need to be careful with accuasations.....

Wendy Doromal said...

8:05 Check out how many DPS officials have broken the law while intoxicated, especially officers involved in domestic disputes. I am careful with accusations. The DPS is a corrupt pig pen that needs to be cleaned up. That is a fact that cannot be disputed.

Furthermore, what police department anywhere on U.S. soil has an agency gathering and so many officers are photographed holding a can, bottle or drink? Show me. It is one thing for adults to have a drink and yes, there is nothing wrong with that. But it is another to have a DPS party and to highlight drinking and alcohol. It is especially questionable when the corrupt commissioner is whining about no money for alcohol and drug counseling and intervention programs when he promotes drinking with his own bar. He even has DPS parties there!

Anonymous said...

two seperate issues yes the DPS commissioner owning a bar is a big red flag and the permissive attitude of DPS management is an issue. By the same token I can find pictures on social media of any social gathering and there will be liquer and beer on display. The consumption of these beverages is only an issue if it affects the on duty performace or if the consumption of these beverages lead to criminal activity. When it does then the onus is on the Agency to take clear actions. On their failure to do so when they should I agree with you..

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

These cops aided fugitive Buckingham through airport security. If the Feds haven't already realized this, they crossed into Federal jurisdiction while helping a wanted man escape justice. That in of itself is grounds for indictments.

The USAO has a pretty good grasp of federal statutes. ;)

How about yourself? Do you have a specific statute that you contend confers territorial (as opposed to subject-matter) jurisdiction over anyone entering the TSA security zone?

Then, speaking of subject matter, do you have any specific federal criminal statute that you contend was violated in the early morning hours of Saturday, 4 August 2012 that would be the proper ground for an indictment of DPS or CPA personnel?

It is so easy to blather on in vague generalities, but such comments are worse than useless.

Wendy Doromal said...

11:58 I do not know federal statute, but I know that airport security has come to a halt at U.S. airports because a person has breached security. How did rogue cops get through federal security at an international airport to aide and abet man charged with criminal acts? Did Buckingham's luggage go through the security checks or did the DPS officials hand carry it to the departure lounge? How did DPS officials check in Buckingham at the ticket counter? Don't passengers have to present their own passports and IDs? What irregularities occurred that violated standard DPS policy and required security checks? Any? None? Could police officers pull off this bs at any other U.S. international airport? Could a police officer assault a reporter at any other U.S. international airport without immediate consequences, including a federal investigation and prosecution? This happened in August 2012. No statement from the federal government about this incident at an international U.S. airport? THAT IS NOT OKAY!

Anonymous said...

DPS totally needs to be investigated by the Feds!!
and above all look at japan they have zero tolerance for guns and gun related crimes doesn't even come close to that of saipans and it's way bigger and more populated than saipan!police officers in japan are issued their guns when they clock in and return them before they clock out! they don't take it home with them or worse bring it along with them to a gathering that involves alcohol!!after the police officer shot himself after shooting his girlfriend after drinking at the true north bar owned by the acting DPS commissioner and the many other scenarios mentioned above involving the guns issued to police officers wouldn't you think they too should leave there guns at DPS before the end of their shifts?
a good,nice, and quiet guy can turn into a bad and obnoxious guy when intoxicated even dangerous.imagine a good nice and quiet guy with a gun!!