CNMI Governor Benigno R. Fitial is Impeached

February 11, 2013

"Fear has been dissolved." Glen Hunter, reform advocate

The CNMI House made history by adopting 13 of the the 18 articles of impeachment against Governor Benigno Repeki Fitial. It will meet again on Tuesday to deliberate and vote on the remaining 5 articles.  Only one article needed to be approved for the governor to be impeached.

Fitial is the first territorial governor ever to be impeached.

Of the 20 representatives, 14 yes votes were required to impeach.  Each article received 16 yes votes. Voting against impeachment were Rota Representative Teresita Santos and Saipan Representatives Richard Seman, Felicidad Ogumoro and George Camacho. Considering the seriousness of the offenses and strong evidence, it is staggering that any elected official voted against any article of impeachment. To support the governor is to support corruption, deceit, and theft of public funds.

Governor Fitial refuses to step down. The impeachment process will now move to the Senate for a trial.

There is talk that the governor and his allies have been bribing senators to vote against impeachment. Former Governor Froilan Tenorio admitted that he was asked to speak to some members to persuade them to support Fitial.  There has also been talk of recalling any senators who do not vote to impeach in the Senate.

The Saipan Tribune reported that "the governor visited Rota on the eve of the House's impeachment vote, for his Republican Party's appreciation party on island, along with senators." (presumably "along" with Senators Victor B. Hocog and Jovita Taimanao. Senator Juan Ayuyu is in prison awaiting a federal trial.)

Several residents spoke at the impeachment hearing today. Glen Hunter thanked the House for their work.

Former governor Froilan Tenorio spoke in favor of Fitial at the hearing. Tenorio is no stranger to corruption and shares a play book with Fitial.  During his term as governor, Tenorio was engaged with several corrupt schemes, including those involving Jack Abramoff and Willy Tan.

In a radio interview with Guam's Patti Arroyo on K57, lead anti-corruption advocate, Glen Hunter stated that 80% of the public is behind the impeachment of the governor.  He discussed how the people spoke in the last election by replacing almost every Fitial ally. The last election was seen as a mandate against corruption and for reform.

Mr. Hunter also spoke about Fitial's defense team for the Senate trial. He suggested that Deanne Siemer may be arriving in the CNMI to defend Fitial. Deanne Siemer and her husband, Howard Willens, are both Fitial backers and co-conspirators who have profited from several contracts with Governor Fitial.

Listen to a radio interview with Glen Hunter and Guam's K57 Patti Arroyo:


Anonymous said...

Gotta wonder what these 4 got from voting 'no' besides ruined reputations. Pathetic!

Anonymous said...


the teacher said...

And Froilan is totally wrong from a publicity and marketing standpoint. We have elected a legislature that knows right from wrong and is apparently unafraid to act in the best interests of our struggling citizens. This will be positive, not negative, news for the entire world to see; that the CNMI doesn’t play and will take action against corrupt politicians, something we should all be proud of. FL didn’t look bad for burning Bundy any more than CA did for putting the Manson clan away. The Northern Marianas Islands have been associated with the Abramoff – Delay affair to Massagee-gate, but it is never too late to do the right thing.

Smile, CNN is coming!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Compare what OIA Babauta did compared to Fitial.
Not much! At least Babuata had the decency to resign. Fitial will dig his heels in until they pry him from his office. It's all about him. It's always been about him, not the people. He thinks he's god but he's only earthly god to cockroaches and rats.

It seems feds have much less tolerance for any straying from the law or ethics violation in the mainland. Too bad they can't do their jobs in the NMI. Fitial should have been arrested, not impeached.

Anonymous said...

I am suspecting that the feds are watching this thing very closely and if the Gov. is removed from office may make a move at that time especially when there has been so much 'evidence' already uncovered or confirmed from past 'acts'
I do not see the Feds going after a 'sitting Gov' unless it is a very serious.
Look at the Tinian Mayors. The feds did not prosecute any of them until they all had left office. It also was not right away.
I would bet that Fitial (and others)has been on the Fed's radar for quite awhile now.
I do hope that I am still alive to witness Fitial and many of his mafia in jail if that so be the case eventually.