Crisostomo is a Suspect in Cold Cases

February 26, 2013

Career criminal Joseph A. Crisostomo who was arrested last week for the murder of Emie Romero may also be connected to a 1995 murder of a couple, Zhao Ming Hou and his wife Yu Hua Huang, according to The Saipan Tribune. The couple owned Ming-Hua Mart in Dandan.

The Saipan Tribune reported:
Hou and Huang were owners of the Ming-Hua Market in Dandan. Hou and Huang were found dead in separate areas in Kagman 3 on March 29 and 30, 1995. 
A source disclosed that prior to the discovery of the couple's bodies, a woman was allegedly seen dropping off Crisostomo at Ming-Hua Market area at 8pm. 
Crisostomo returned to his house later at 3am and “looked dirty.” Crisostomo was allegedly carrying a backpack that contained thousands of cash, as well as boxes of cigarettes. 
The source said that Crisostomo was a friend of the couple as he regularly visited the store to sell them some items.
Yesterday The Saipan Tribune reported that Crisostomo may also be linked to the murder of Bao Ying Chen whose naked body was found in the waters at LauLau Beach in November 2006.

From The Saipan Tribune:
A police officer disclosed to Saipan Tribune that a few days after the discovery of Chen's body, Crisostomo's name arose during the investigation as he was apparently seen at Laulau Beach at that time, driving a rented car. 
The officer said he was not aware why the investigation into Chen's death did not progress. 
A source disclosed yesterday that Crisostomo was seen with some companions at a place in Laulau overlooking the beach at 8:30am on Nov. 23, 2006. 
The source said at the time Chen's body had not been found yet, but one of Crisostomo's companions was surprised upon learning later that a woman was found dead on the shoreline. 
The source said that Crisostomo was seen that morning carrying a backpack that contained two cell phones, including one believed to be owned by a Chinese national.
Astoundingly, The Marianas Variety reported that Crisostomo is also being investigated for his connection to yet another murder. The woman murdered in August 2001 was Chinese national Ai Fang Han. Her naked body was found Obyan Beach. She suffered trauma to her upper body and like the the Laulau Beach murder, the victim died from drowning.

This is scary.


Anonymous said...

There's another murder they should check out as well. An older Korean lady named "Marsha", who was killed by strangulation at her business in Chalan Piao about ten years or so ago.

Anonymous said...

How can this happen!

Thursday, January 16, 2014
Evidence linking Crisostomo to another murder is disallowed

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Good article in saipan tribune !

Janet King said...

wendy are you going to cover the trial?

Wendy Doromal said...

Hi Janet

I expect to. I have medical issues and have not been devoting much time to the blog. . .