February 19, 2013

May prosperity, justice and honor be restored to the CNMI.  Governor Benigno R. Fitial has resigned.
(Thanks Angelo for calling me.)

In a decision that was the best for himself and for all of the people who call the U.S. Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI) home, Governor Benigno R. Fitial has resigned. The governor was impeached by the House last week and faced a Senate trial that was scheduled to begin on March 7th. May his resignation mark a new beginning for the CNMI that ushers in an era of reform, justice and democracy.

For decades the CNMI has suffered under corrupt leaders who have placed their own self-serving agendas before the good of the people. Political hirings and firings, threats, disregard for the law, oppression and abuse of legal nonresidents, backdoor deals, and dangerous schemes have cast dark clouds over the islands. Today, for the first time in a very long time,  the sun is starting to shine through.

It is through the dedicated efforts of people of integrity and honor that reform has triumphed over corruption. People like Glen Hunter, Tina Sablan, Ed Probst, the late Ruth Tighe, and countless other individuals exposed corruption and educated the masses to demand reform. They are heroes.

I could not help but feel overwhelmed with emotion when I heard the news. I think of all of the people who have suffered at the hands of former Governor Benigno Fitial and his allies. If Mr. Fitial had been arrested or stopped when he and felon Jack Abramoff conspired to steal the speakership to ensure that federalization and justice for the foreign workers would be blocked, today there would be a different CNMI, a better CNMI.

Without the interference of Fitial, his allies and lobbyist pals, it is likely that the bipartisan CNMI reform bill, the Northern Mariana Islands Implementation Act (S 1052), that was introduced by Senator Frank Murkowski (R-Alaska) and Senator Daniel Akaka (D-Hawaii) in 1999 and unanimously passed by the Senate in February 2000 would have passed the House and been signed into law. That bill contained a provision that would have granted a pathway to citizenship for the CNMI's legal aliens.

If that bill had passed, imagine all of the suffering that could have been prevented; all of the wage theft, illegal recruitment, contract violations, and other unspeakable abuses of foreign workers that would never have occurred. If that bill had passed, a skilled and stable workforce would have been in place to grow the CNMI economy. If that bill had passed, Congressman Sablan would not be struggling to push for status to protect dedicated long-term legal nonresidents from being deported to the detriment of not just the nonresidents and their families, but the whole CNMI.  If that bill had passed, the nonresidents who face an uncertain future would be at peace now.

While no one cannot turn back the clock, everyone can work to ensure that the dark times like the one that have clouded the CNMI over the last few decades never return. Impeachment and resignation of the governor will not ensure reform. It will take hard work to make sure that the past mistakes are not repeated, that corruption is replaced with honest governance, that the best interests of the people are placed before the interests of elected officials.

I wish former Governor Fitial no ill will. May he learn from his mistakes and live in peace. May Governor Inos lead the CNMI to prosperity and unity and restore the reputation of the beautiful islands.
Best wishes to all of the people of the CNMI.

Listen to an interview with Advocate Glen Hunter here.


Anonymous said...

The Marianas Variety and Saipan Tribune servers are crashing because so many people are trying to access the sites.

Anonymous said...

YES! it's everywhere on facebook!

Anonymous said...

Thank you mom Wendy. I hope the american dream can come now.

Anonymous said...

The bad news is that Eloy is as close to Willie as Fitial, so the monopoly is inctact, Ben can continue to recieve 25k monthly dividends from Luen Thai fishing, and Bridge, Ricky at IT&E, Coke, and their shipping/travel/tours/hotels/housing monopoly continues.

Anonymous said...

Eloy is in business with Willie Tan. Those activists who were hoping and dreaming of getting an easy Government job with the Inos Administration are in for a rude awakening. They've become toxic to any politician. Look what happened with Heinz / Arnold.

Wendy Doromal said...

4:04 What activist wanted "an easy Government job with the Inos Administration"?

Anonymous said...

Goodbye Fitial. Take your thugs and evil doers with you. The government needs to be swept clean. All the trash must be thrown out.

Anonymous said...

Governor Inos, you have a job to do:
1. extradite Ed Buckingham
2. get rid of all felons from government payroll
3. end nepotism
4. clean house

Anonymous said...

mr.fitial was working for his people :)where are they now?karma is behind cheated all foreign workers and them family.that something logically moved behind you as a miracle and happened.its all about good are also human so its turned back to you.hope you live happily life with no humble FBI must investigate willi tan and put both fans in right place call monkey house...must be federal take care them...god bless cnmi /USA

Anonymous said...

hafa adai. now its time to give what we can to all our innocent foreign workers.who cheated by our previous govt. plus congrass lobbyist.lets support together to give them what they deserve..lets be positive and move forward with hope.lets welcome our own community workers.they supported lot to our economy.must not forgot them support to our islands.its time to support each others.we are human being not animal.god bless USA/CNMI

Anonymous said...


Sorry to disappoint but Governor Inos has very little to do with what happens to foreign workers. The US Federal Government has taken over and dictates what happens. In this case the number of CWs in the CNMI will shrink to zero by a certain date. People will be sent home make no mistake about that. If you are being deported and wish to stay simply make an emotional scene at the airport - the airline will not let you on.