Fitial's Impeachment is World-wide News

February 12, 2013

The House of Representatives adopted the 5 remaining articles of impeachment today. Governor Benigno Fitial was impeached on all 18 charges of felony, corruption and neglect of duty.

News of the governor's impeachment is spreading around the world. Stories, such as the one on Huffington Post, remind readers of the governor's corrupt ties to Jack Abramoff and other scandals.

Federal authorities never prosecuted Fitial for the many illegal acts he cooked up will Abramoff, Willy Tan and corrupt U.S. Congressmen, but his own people have risen up to hold him accountable.  That is the real story. That the people are doing what the federal and local authorities would or could not accomplish. They are saying no to the corrupt politics that have crippled the retirement fund, public utilities, health care system and law enforcements agencies.

While members of the House voted overwhelmingly to impeach the governor, the fate of Fitial in the Senate is far less certain. The Senate will now hold a trial and it needs 6 votes to convict Fitial. Rota Senator Juan Ayuyu is in federal prison and there has been talk that other Senators have been bribed. Hopefully, the senators know right from wrong.

Reform advocate Glen Hunter posted videos of the procedures on YouTube. They are worth watching.  It is stunning to see how the governor's allies attempt to justify clear violations. Here is the link.


Anonymous said...

Adios Fitial. Your karma is gonna be way worse than the conviction in the Senate. How's it feel to be the earthly god now? Like dirt?

Anonymous said...

I agree the guv needs to go. But he said one thing that could be true. The people of Rota are ST*PID. look at Terry Santos. what an embarrasment.

Anonymous said...

Can someone please get FITIAL some marianas MILK? He needs some additional energy to defend himself in senate.Fitial won't get excused for his back pain in senate when he is required under law to take oath and deliver the truth...

Anonymous said...

I sure hope that the Senators are reading and aware of what others are looking at around the world.
Especially if/when a couple of them are bought off and vote "no" against impeachment.
But then our elected have no shame, scruples or any type of ethics.

If I was one of Fitial's hacks and spouted some of the ridiculous statements attempting to defend this clown, I would be so embarrassed to show my face.
But then in the CNMI only money talks and most live for today and have no plans for tomorrow.
I hope the people keep on track from here on and keep on these leaches and corrupt elected.

Anonymous said...

Any idea who is going to represent the Governor in the Senate proceedings? One rumor is that one of the former "volunteers" may be tapped , but the Governor's public information officer has been silent on the subject.

Anonymous said...

It would be appropriate for the Govs. 'volunteers' to represent him as corruption draws corruption.
BTW who is paying for the gov's defense team?