Fugitive Edward Buckingham Posts Bail

February 27, 2013

Fugitive and former CNMI Attorney General Edward Buckingham has posted $50,000 bail months after he fled from the CNMI to avoid a hearing to face charges of violating election law, violating CNMI ethics law, obstruction of justice, and failure to produce documents or information.

Buckingham's attorney, Brien Ser Nicolas posted the $50,000 cash bail.

 The Superior Court has ordered Buckingham to appear on March 18, 2013, according to KSPN News.

The news comes immediately after the CNMI House of Representatives passed House Resolution 18-4 calling for Governor Inos to extradite fugitive Edward Buckingham. The 18 members of the House who were present vote unanimously in favor of the bill.

Perhaps realizing that his extradition was inevitable Buckingham decided to return to the CNMI to face the charges as a free man, rather than being brought back as a criminal in handcuffs.