Senator Ayuyu Denied Bail Once More

February 26, 2013

Look like it's "three strikes, you're out" for Senator Juan Ayuyu who has been denied bail once more.

NMI U.S. District Judge Ramona Manglona ruled that he should remain behind bars until his April 1, 2013 hearing on misdemeanor charges of smuggling an endangered species and obstruction of justice.

Since his initial arrest Senator Ayuyu has threatened a witness in a civil case and was charged with seven felony charges of witness tampering, conspiracy to obstruct justice, and attempted obstruction of evidence.

Ayuyu was recently caught with a cell phone in his cell during a sweep of the prison. As a federal prisoner in possession of a cell phone Ayuyu committed a Class A misdemeanor. The phone belonged to another prisoner.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Garth Backe stated that Ayuyu "threatened corrections officers" when they asked him to turn over the phone.

Read the Judge's order below:


Anonymous said...

So it is mentioned that Fed prisoner cannot have a cel in jail. Does that also apply to a CNMI prisoner? If not how did that prisoner get that phone?
If that phone actually belonged to another prisoner (legally allowed)I would bet that Mafnas told the prisoner to let Ayuyu use it and that prisoner would get some preferential treatment.(or not)
If not legally available in correction then that prisoner should be prosecuted also, then the question comes back as to who actually owns the phone, where did it come from?
Corrections is another Cancerous area that needs to be cleaned out.
But, if anything is to be done remains to be seen. But also what Fitial has manged to do in almost seven years cannot be corrected in a short time.
In six months we will get an idea of just what Inos is capable and which direction he is leaning.