CNMI Governor Signs Papers to Extradite Former AG Edward Buckingham

February 28, 2013

Governor Eloy Inos signs the papers to extradite fugitive Edward Buckingham
(Photo from The Office of the Governor)

Governor Eloy Inos has signed extradition papers for former CNMI Attorney General, now fugitive, Edward Buckingham III.  While former Governor Fitial protected his former AG and ally, one week after taking office Governor Inos asked Iowa Governor Terry Branstad to assist in extraditing Buckingham.

Buckingham's son, Edward Buckingham IV is a physician with a practice in Iowa City, Iowa.

Buckingham's attorney Brien Sers Nicolas appealed to Inos not to sign the extradition papers a day before the papers were signed. The Saipan Tribune reported that Inos refused the attorney's request for three reasons:

  • The charges against Buckingham are serious and include felonies;
  • Buckingham had ample time to work with the special prosecutor, attorney George Hasselback, but never did; and
  • He had already transmitted the extradition request to Hasselback and requested a status conference with Associate Superior Court Judge David Wiseman.

Yesterday Sers Nicolas posted $50,000 bail for Buckingham who is scheduled to appear in court on March 18, 2013. He skipped out on his first court appearance that was scheduled for early August 2012. Former Governor Fitial's thugs from the Department of Public Safety whisked Buckingham and his wife to the Saipan International Airport, through the gates and into the VIP room where he was shielded until F.B.I. agents served him with his penal summons. Buckingham ignored the summons to appear in court the next day and boarded the plane with his wife.

Videos from KSPN on the extradition:


Anonymous said...

I wonder if he has to show up or if his attorney can just show at court on the 18th. Either way it's progress. This governor is turning this place around. Anyone know where Fitial is now? Is he still on island?

Anonymous said...

Buckingham new he was going to run. He set it all up. He lied that his wife had left before him to set up their home in San Francisco - she didn't. He had the Police prepped to get him to the airport summon-free. He declared he rescinded his resignation and would be coming back - and didn't. And we find he isn't even in San Fran, but is hiding out in Iowa.

Anonymous said...

fitial is rest in peace.shame him self and also our community got shame.he got lots of money.FBI must watch him...where he got money from?he got lots of in philipin/US,where his wife from.all money came from corruption/community fund.

Anonymous said...

First they were staying with his wife's family in the Bay Area.

Then they moved to where their son lives in Iowa.

Nothing dramatic.

Anonymous said...

This is becoming more interesting since the bail has been rejected due to requirements that you have to be in custody to post bail.

Wendy Doromal said...

9:06 Yes, I saw that on KSPN. I do not understand the laws regulating fugitive status, but it seems that Buckingham should return on his own before he gets arrested in Iowa and embarrasses his family even more. Seems he should be disbarred too.

Anonymous said...

It does not seem for all of the years that Buckingham has been an attorney that he has learned anything.
maybe that is why he came to the CNMI as he was not a very good attorney,he originally handled traffic Tickets in the back of the AG office where few had ever heard of him until he was appointed AG.
He seemed to be a perfect choice for Fitial to control.
Give Bucky the spot lite, put him in as the front man and pull his strings.
I kinda feel sorry for this man as he was definitely used and then thrown under the bus.
I hope that he understands this and has some stories to tell that will bring positive Fed action against many, starting with the Gov.

BTW, if you haven't already google both Fitial and Bucky, Wikipedia has some good detailed info on both of them, and surprisingly up to date.

IN regards to his "returning on his own" I wonder if he would be "flagged" if he was to get on any public transportation within the US?
I am sure he would if he was to attempt to get on a plane back to the CNMI.

That Japanese guy come to mind, the one years ago that was apprehended in Saipan with an arrest warrant from California out for his arrest in a murder charge that had been dismissed in Japan. He was reported to have committed suicide shortly after being extradited to Cal.

My guess would be that he would have to make arraignments with the State, the Feds and also the CNMI Govt to return on his own.
maybe one lawyer could clarify this.
I wonder if this whole thing may get CNN or Fox news interested. It sure would be nice to get many of these illegal actions out in the open nationwide so that the US taxpayer could actually see just what their tax dollars have created.