DPS Thugs Arrested for Aiding in Buckingham

March 6, 2013

Who hasn't expected this?

Some of the members of the DPS thugs  that shielded Attorney Edward Buckingham from being served a penal summons in August 2012, were arrested yesterday on charges of obstruction of justice and conspiracy.

DPS Police Capt. and former Governor Benigno Fitial's body guard Jermaine W. Nekaifes, Commonwealth Ports Authority Police Chief Jordan Kosam, and Commonwealth Ports Authority Capt. Juan Rebuenog were arrested by DPS and Office of the Public Auditor officials.

Former CNMI Attorney General and now fugitive Edward Buckingham III has been charged with a long list of crimes including: one count of the use of public supplies, services, time and personnel for campaign activities; one count of the use of the name of a government department or agency to campaign and/or express support for a candidate running for public office; two counts of misconduct in public office, one count of failure to produce documents or information; one count of obstructing justice for interference with service of process, and misconduct in public office.

Superior Court Associate Judge David Wiseman issued the warrants and set bail at $25,000 each. Another DPS official who is expected to be arrested is DPS Deputy Commissioner Ambrosio Ogumoro, who is reportedly in Canada for an official trip at this time.

It would not be surprising if a warrant was issued for former Governor Benigno Fitial. Phone records between Fitial and members of the DPS thug squad indicate that on the evening that Buckingham fled from the CNMI, the former governor was in contact with the DPS officials.

Fitial left Saipan the day after his resignation. He is reportedly in San Diego, California where he owns a large home.

 The Saipan Tribune reported:
Sources said that at least one police officer who received “direct instruction from Fitial” to stay away from serving the penal summons to Buckingham may turn “state witness.”
Footage from the airport shows DPS officials aiding and abetting the fugitive at the airport and assaulting KSPN News reporter Tina Sablan:


Anonymous said...

Good news for the poeple of CNMI. Nobody should act above the law. It is not too late to get these law breakers in jail to learn a lesson that will not be repeated. I believe, "OPA & AGO are doing a great job with the assistance of Inos administration to clean the mess up in CNMI wide". The big question where corrupted FITIAL is at right now? Get 'em all.

Anonymous said...

Why wasn't the officer who assaulted Tina Sablan arrested for that?

Anonymous said...

A couple of thugs once tried to intimidate a witness in Federal court a few years ago. They went in and both stared at the witness during testimony trying to scare him. The Judge ordered security to escort them out. The two thugs were former Governor Juan Babauta and Lt. Governor Diego Benevente. Don't just focus on the thugs who went through an airport look a bit closer at those who call the kettle black.

Wendy Doromal said...

10:44 People are not going to "focus" on what they do not know. If you want to bring up another case then you need to give specifics. What court case? Who were they staring down? Do you have a link to documentation to support your statement? What relevance does it have here?

The thugs did not "just go through an airport." They obstructed justice and conspired to break the law with then sitting governor and then attorney general calling the shots!