At Least Two Confirmed Dead, Hundreds Injured as Bombs Blast Boston Marathon

April 15, 2013
Around 2:45pm EST two bombs rocked the finish line at the Boston Marathon as thousands of spectators lined the streets and runners raced toward the finish line. It was reported that two people have been confirmed dead, including an eight year old child. Hundreds have been injured.

Blood covered the sidewalk where the first bomb exploded.

Patriots Day, a Massachusetts State Holiday, is usually a day of day of celebration and joy. Because schools were closed, children and families gathered for the marathon and festivities.

At the time of the explosion over half of the estimated 27,000 runners had already crossed the finish line in the heart of Boston.

Governor Deval Patrick said, "This is a horrific day in Boston."

Just minutes ago President Obama addressed the nation vowing that "we will find out who did this and hold them accountable."

Two other unexploded bombs were found and disarmed.


Anonymous said...

Terrible, terrible. When will the violence end?

Anonymous said...

terrorist got no religion at all as well humanity.its an human animal by brain wash.shame on them and them belief.where is the GOD now ?why its continued and why they don't change.
lets wipe out this devil lived ghost channel...lets wipe out them soon as a possible....god bless all who suffering for better lives....amen