May 15, 2013

Lakeland, Colorado law enforcement officials have taken Edward Buckingham III into custody. The fugitive and former CNMI Attorney General who is facing numerous misdemeanor and felony charges in the CNMI.

Buckingham fled the CNMI in August 2013 with the aide of four CNMI law enforcement officials and then-Governor Benigno Fitial, who are also facing charges.

OPA legal counsel George Hasselback told the Saipan media that Buckingham is in the Jefferson County jail and will be brought before a judge for a hearing on May 16, 2013.

The Lakeland law officials arrested him under the arrest warrant issued by Superior Court Judge David Wiseman.

Buckingham was served a summons at his Lakeland, Colorado home by a private investigator hired by Attorney Torres who is representing James Taylor in a civil lawsuit filed in federal court. According to public records, Buckingham bought the home in December 2012.

Apparently Buckingham and his wife, Pam, who was an accomplice in his dramatic escape plan, had no intention of returning to the CNMI. It was just a matter of time until he was caught, and the discovery of his address helped to speed up the process of his extradition.

The dogs will be picking up the scent of Fitial next.

Update: The Saipan Tribune reports that former Governor Fitial is at St. Luke's Hospital in Manila, Philippines where he underwent gall bladder surgery.


Captain said...

BTW, Wendy I was about to send you news reports about this but you, as always are way ahead of the game.
What you have just posted is about the same as has been posted in newspapers from New Zealand, Aust, and Pacific News.
It is interesting about how much notoriety these criminals bring to the CNMI.

There is also much about Fital's search for prosecution and extradition around the same countries on similar articles tying the two together.
You are more on top than I am, so unless new events occurs I will let you do your thing.
This may prove to be interesting as it may take many months before the legal papers are finished.
I personally do not have any compassion for this individual sitting in a cell waiting out the outcome.

I would assume it would be best for all, including himself to just agree to return the the CNMI and cut the expense and paperwork and his time in jail.
But then I do not know all of the procedures for a fugitive.

I also have to say that Hassleback is on par with the FBI in his lack of information let out tot the public on actually what is going on behind the scenes, which is good.
If this was handled by our cop chop it wopuld have been "leaked" and the apprehension "blown"

Anonymous said...

You can run but you can't hide. The return may not be as dramatic as his exit. Think of the shame he brought to himself, his family, the legal community and the CNMI.

Anonymous said...

If an arrest warrant was issued for Fitial it would be very easy to pick him if they were to send the warrant to the US Embassy and ask for help.
The US Embassy has Fed agents and they work with the Phil. NBI agents to execute warrants.

I am in the Phil. at this moment but could not get any info about Fitial from St. Lukes.

It was on the premise of "visiting a friend" but when I told them the name they would not give out any info and they wanted my name.

I could buy the info using someone else, but that would only be a one shot deal and I would only do that if I was going to serve him papers.

Lets see if anything is going on behind the scenes on this one.